About Us

R4B was established as an international resource aimed at facilitating the online dating with ladies from Eastern European countries, primarily from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Our truly international team consists of many experts in various fields, such as design, programming, SEO, marketing and business administration. Andy Almazoff has been our leading marketing expert from the very inception of Russian4Bride, we are very grateful to Andy for his continuous effort to make our customers satisfied with the site services.

Our leading programmer is from Germany, ensuring a blitz and reliable operation of the resource, our marketing and business administration experts are from the United States, the land of the free and the brave. We also have a small office in the RF, in the culturally refined and cosmopolitan city of Saint Petersburg, which helps us promoting and advertising the Russian version of R4B in order to secure the best ladies available for marriage abroad in the former CIS countries. Our team strives to do our best to ensure that all our visitors and members have a sensational experience on our international dating web-site. Every need of our members is addressed individually by our extremely adept Support Group, every standard request is processed within one working day, more often than not within 1-2 hours. We take pride in what we do and are happy to have the privilege of welcoming you on the truly premium niche dating site on the Eastern dating market.


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