Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does R4B work and where your ladies come from?

R4B provides its users a secure, safe and anonymous way to get in touch and to communicate with the ladies on the web-site. All the ladies on this web-site come from search results and various advertisement campaigns that we carry out in the Russian-language section of Internet. Thus we can give our clients a 100% guarantee that all the ladies on this site are genuine. The telltale sign of a scam dating web-site that is solely after your money – all of the ladies’ profiles contain studio-quality pictures of stunning beauties on such fraudulent dating web-sites. Stay away from such web-sites. Here on R4B you can communicate with the ladies using our advanced mailing and/or chat system. You can also send kisses and gifts to the ladies you like. And yes, at present our site offers its services to our clients completely free of charge, and we mean what we say – we will not charge you a cent here. What makes us a unique dating site is that we don’t advertise any third party on our pages, thus ensuring a really premium and distraction-free dating experience to our members.


Do you respect your members’ privacy?

Indeed, we do, and rest assured that under no circumstances your private information will end up in the hands of a third party or any individuals involved in illegal activities.


Do you censor the content of your web-site?

We don’t, as a rule. We don’t practice policing the activities of our members here on R4B. However, we will delete, modify or hide the profiles that we deem unacceptable. This can be done for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Contact information in the profile, such as email, telephone, Skype address, etc.;
  • Profile(s) registration by a user who is not of the legal age to participate in the online dating activity, the legal age being 18 y.o. and higher;
  • Attack, harassment and/or trolling of other members, racial or inappropriate messages and/or comments.


I don’t remember my username/password, what should I do?

Please use the “Remind password” function on the web-site or write to the Support for assistance.


Can I use the web-site without setting up a profile?

Yes, you can browse the web-site, however, in order to begin communicating with other members you need to register a profile.



Can I change my profile information?

Yes, you can change your profile information. In order to do that, go to the Settings function and edit your profile.


Will you issue refund if I violate the site policy and my account is terminated from your side for scamming or spamming attempts?

No, in such cases we don't issue refunds and may even report you to the police, depending on the severity of the violation. We respect the letter of Law and we provide our services only to honest clients. 


When will other web-site members see my profile?

Other web-site members will be able to see your profile in their search results after you register your profile and upload at least one photo of yourself. Also, after you upload your first photo, it will be displayed on the front page of the Russian language version of R4B for a better exposure to the ladies.


How to add a photo to my profile?

Please use the photos upload function on the site. Bear in mind that the photos you upload will be reviewed by our administrative personnel before they are approved and made visible to other web-site members. Please upload only your real photos of acceptable quality. Photos containing nudity and/or any other inappropriate photos will not be approved and as a result will not be featured on R4B.


How to delete my profile?

In order to permanently delete your profile, please write to Support or use the profile deletion function in the Settings.


How does the search function work?

You can search for other members using the Quick Search and the Extended Search functions available on the web-site. You can choose the parameters for which you want to find a member, and all the members available for the chosen parameters will be displayed to you in the search results.


How to contact a member of R4B?

You can contact a member of the web-site using the “Send a message” function on her profile, which will also be available to you in the search results. Also, you can offer a chat from the member’s profile.


Can I block a member and/or report abuse?

Yes, you can block a member if you do not want to receive any messages from her in the future and/or report the web-site abuse using the respective buttons on the member’s profile.