If you are interested specifically in searching for your love among Russian brides, you should know that your range of choice will be huge, to say the least. Russians and ladies whose mother tongue is Russian live all over the vast expanses of the former Soviet empire, beginning from Russia proper, Ukraine, Belarus and ending with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Even if you are looking for an Asian bride, you still may consider a bride from former Russian colonies like Kyrgyzstan. 

It is true that Russian online dating, i.e. the drive to find a bride in Russia or in Ukraine online, is in vogue again. Dating services have seen a lot of evolutionary changes, nowadays dating online is never easy as before. Thousands of ladies are just one click of a button away from you. Online dating offers ample choices when it comes to Russian ladies. You can find your life partner from the comfort of your own home. However, there are only a few trustworthy sites that offer a quality service when it comes to Russian dating. There are quite many tell-tale signs of a reliable Russian dating site. All you need to do is to constantly be on the look-out for such signs. Don't forget to check the reliability of a site on a special platform, such as WebGauge or similar. It is especially important to check the trust rating of a site if you are planning to pay for any of its functions. A reliable site is usually protected by Norton, be looking for such signs as well. 



If you are looking for a bride in Internet, Ukraine is one of the best countries to turn to. Be prepared that quite many Ukrainian brides don’t speak Ukrainian at all, the country has a strong colonial past and vast ties with Russia. Yes, you guessed it right, most of them speak Russian. To say that these women are beautiful would be a severe understatement. They are simply gorgeous. When walking around Kiev or Sevastopol, you will risk breaking your neck. So many great-looking women at one place can only be seen at a fashion house in the West. Maybe it is the vicinity to the Black Sea, maybe it is the healthy food like vareniki and borsch, but most of the local women are smashingly stunning. And their beauty is not lost with age, many Ukrainian women are still attractive when they turn forty and even fifty. 

Usually men first try to find their Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart on various social networks, to no avail. It should not come as a surprise, because ladies who hang out on social networks aren’t necessarily looking for a husband abroad. In most cases they are just having a good time with their virtual friends there. But if you make serious advances, they will most likely just laugh at you and will block your account. Such is the reality on free social networks that you have to be aware of. It is a totally different cup of tea on specialized niche sites. 


Russian women don’t just possess a natural beauty, they are very interested in preserving it for a long time. Their feminine charm is important to them when they turn fifty as much as when they are in their twenties. They have a true passion for excelling in how they look. Many Russian ladies are so beautiful that they don’t even need to apply make-up. What is more, each one of them has a fashionable wardrobe to conquer this wild world with. They truly follow the saying "Be a lion, not a zebra, it is a wild world out there!".  

There are many various ways how you can strike it big with Russian women. However, never try to impress them openly. It should come very naturally, otherwise they may think what you are doing is fake. Subtlety here is the king. Russian girls tend to like timid men, much more so than the Western women. It means for them that such a man will not be chasing other women and will devote all his energy to his own family, to his wife and to his children. You can deeply offend a Russian or Ukrainian woman if you offer her money as a present. The present itself can be expensive, but never try to offer money to a decent Russian or Ukrainian woman - she will not like it and will even take offence. If you decide to give her a present, it would be a great idea to go shopping with her together. She can choose a dress or a skirt she likes herself. 


So, the rumors go you are absolutely enraptured by Russian women? Moreover, you have a dream to make a successful family union with a Russian lady? We have brought good tidings for you – it is entirely possible. Even more than that, in Russia there is a strong tradition to marry a man who is older than a woman, so even if you are in your early fifties you have a chance to find a Russian lady who will be merely above 30 years old! All you need to do is find a reputable Russian dating site and begin searching for your love! This way you will save a lot of time and money. It is 21st century out there, there is no more need to travel to a country in order to find a proper date. 

There is a lot to be said about dating Ukrainian women in Kiev. First and foremost, if you travel to Ukraine from a rather far place, make sure you get several dates in Kiev, not just one, from various international dating sites. You can easily find the ladies to meet when there on our international dating site. Why is it important to have several dates available? This question is really simple to answer – some ladies may change their mind about meeting you, others may turn out to be scammers. And after meeting some of the girls you will be able to screen out all the bad ones who are not suitable for you. Don’t be shy in this respect, after all, you are looking for a partner for your whole lifetime! 

In the world of Internet dating is a very robust, popular activity. International dating is quickly growing. It is explained by the fact that people in different countries can afford international travel, are keen to discover the world and to look for the soul mate abroad. And many people are quite successful in this endeavor, which creates an interesting cross-cultural mix, yet to be studied by the modern scientists. However, this path is not always covered in roses, there are sharp thorns as well. Be descreet and discerning in order to avoid possible disappointments. 

In Russia the demographic situation is such that the number of women of marital age exceeds that of the number of men who want to get married, by a large margin. And the number of single women is on a rise, due to various factors. It opens new opportunities for the Western men who seek for a Russian wife. Moreover, Russian women prefer older men, which in itself offers a whole new scope for a careful exploration. Russian women primarily look for security and stability and, of course, lover. Yes, they want to be loved with all their heart, they crave for love more than for anything else. Western men are often portrayed in Russia as rather romantic, especially the French and the Italians, and it helps a lot in our pursuit of Russian brides. If you win her heart, she will make you happy forever. 

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