How to secure a date with a Russian woman in California – in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and other major cities

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California is an eternal, full of enjoyment summer, it is an attractive cultural, immensely entertaining and what one would call a representative center of the West Coast of the United States and, generally speaking, of the country as a whole.

In California, there are so many riveting attractions that their imaginable concentration far exceeds all conceivable "norms" not only for the United States, but even for the old fashioned, never-sleeping Europe. Fantastic Hollywood, awesome Disneyland, non-traditional Los Angeles, disco-going San Francisco, amazing Santa Jose, crab-loving San Diego Silicon Valley and Death Valley, as well as castles, mountain chains, national parks, beach and ski resorts – you can find all this in California. And, what is more important, you can find here smashing Russian women many thousands of whom live in the glorious Californian cities. Let’s discover where to meet these Slavic ladies in the El Dorado Golden state.


California cities and areas most popular among Russian women

The splendid Los Angeles is in many comprehensible ways one of the main cities with the dynamic Russian-speaking population in both the state of California and the United States as a whole. LA is a large, sprawling and vibrant city, where the richest, diverse museums, collections of deeply classical and modern art, all kinds of enjoyment-full entertainment, modern hotels, chic, superb restaurants popular among the Russian ladies, sandy beaches that have seen a lot of dating activities and even a momentary opportunity to meet stars of the first magnitude are available: it is here, northwest of the center, that the legendary Hollywood is located.

Russian women before going to the California beachDisneyland California in the magnificent city, Anaheim, is Disney's very first popular park, which opened as early as 1954. By the way, the discovery of Disneyland was pioneered and fully led by Ronald Reagan – then only a talented, widely known actor, and not the omnipotent president of the United States. This embodied the high dream of Walt Disney, which continues to develop, replenished by the heroes of modern deeply touching cartoons and the latest resonant attractions, and it still remains the most coveted, desired resting place not only for children of all ages, but also for any adult, including many Russian girls who live in the vicinity. In almost 59 years of its existence, more than half a billion guests from around the world have visited this famous place.

The city of San Francisco is equally appealing and entertaining. Many Russian women live in this great area. Among the California sights of San Francisco, it is worth highlighting and emphasizing the old symbol of the city, the famous Golden Gates Bridge, one of the most visited and ambiguous historical monuments, the former maximum security deep island prison Alkatraz (Alcatraz), Pier-39 with its fabulous restaurants famous for amazing, tasty and succulent dishes and dating programs. To get to know this smashing city better, we recommend a ride on an old red tram along the friendly sloping streets of the city with an excursion, or tickle your strong nerves by soaring above the ground on a cable car – San Francisco has preserved the only cable car in the entire world, which is still manually driven and controlled.

Perhaps there are just a few people left who really haven’t heard about the legendary Silicon Valley, once known for silicon – it was here that they began developing the semiconductors industry that depended on silicon. Now it is widely known as the place where Apple, Google, Intel products came from to our world, where many other technology companies have founded their huge headquarters and where the perfectionist Stanford University continues to operate.

Many inquisitive tourists and locals alike go to San Diego to look at an oceanarium "The sea world" of 59.9 hectares: it is settled at the Mission Bay and is famous for surprising performances of whales, falcated ducks, otters, seals, sharks and other inhabitants of the alluring sea depths. Nearby is located a park of children's water attractions – the La Jolla Bay, and many Russian ladies indeed take a lot of joy during their leisure time in the area.

Among the curious sights of California the Russian women adore visiting there is also the so-called Death Valley: the desert is 208 km long and 21 km wide and attracts many nature loving connoisseurs. It is the location of the following: the lowest point in North America of the Badwater Depression (85 m below sea level), the highest point in the continental USA, Mount Whitney (4432 meters), as well as an amazing place where you can find the “moving stones”, which are large and small boulders, independently rolling and leaving behind long funny traces on the sand. It is also home to the widely known Yosemite National Park, famous for its intrepid waterfalls and chilly glaciers, as well as the deep fresh water Lake Tahoe.

San Jose city, one of the favorite dating hotspots of the Russian ladies, is located in the Santa Clara County, its population is over 952495 people. The city is positioned in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the 9th most populous city in the United States. Originally called El Pueblo de San Jose 'de Guadalupe, the glorious city of San Jose was founded on October 9, 1776 as the first city in the vast Spanish colony of New California (Nueva California), after which it was inadvertently renamed High (Northern) California (Alta California). It is the actual center of the vibrantly robust Silicon Valley, a major, undisputed center of high technology. It houses the pivotal headquarters of many companies working in the highly developed field of information technology, including Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, the less represented BEA Systems, the powerful eBay and KLA Tencor. It is the colorful he administrative center of Santa Clara County.


Attractions and various places of interest suitable for visiting when you are looking for Russian women in California

Just like any other women, Russian women simply adore going places, and of course it includes all sorts of major attractions and places of interest a city can offer. Let’s check out the main attractions of California and find out why they have a sense of appeal to Russian ladies.

Los Angeles is associated, mostly and primarily, with Hollywood, and the shiny Hollywood with the awesome stars, so it is no surprise that the Alley of Stars is rightfully considered the most popular attraction in the whole city. Every year more than 9.5 million tourists, including the Russian women living in the US, walk along the Alley of Stars, delighted and thrilled to read the names of the cinema idols.

"Immortalized in concrete" is about the resounding Hollywood Walk of Fame. The courtyard of the magnificent Grauman Chinese Theater is completely covered with solid concrete slabs with handprints, legs, and in exceptional cases, celebrity palms imprints. Unlike the Alley of Stars, the local "party" is not at all massively impressive.

The most famous prison in the United States and one would say in the whole world, Alcatraz, is not only a correctional institution (by the way, for more than 29 years it has been functioning only as an educational museum), but also a small picturesque island 14 minutes drive away from the sparkling San Francisco marina.

To see Hollywood in all its formidable glossy brilliance, you need to visit the richest, most opulent area of ​ ​ Los Angeles, the name of which causes a sweet shiver down the spine of all fans of the once popular film series Beverly Hills 90210.

In Hollywood, a prestigious neighborhood of Los Angeles, a record number of movie celebrities and show business stars account for one square meter. After all, it is here that the epicenter, theRussian lady dating in San Diego acme point of the world film industry is located. Life boils in this part of the "city of angels" around the clock.

Death Valley is a huge, mostly unpopulated desert in the southeastern United States, located on the border of the states of California and Nevada – the lowest, hottest and really the driest place in North America. Russian girls go here for the sake of unearthly landscapes.

The shining white letters forming the HOLLYWOOD inscription, surrounded by the lush greenery of the slopes of Mount Lee, are without the slightest exaggeration the most recognizable sign of "settlement" on the planet and also the only one with its own popular Internet site.

Yosemite National Park is one of the first natural habitat reserves in the United States, thanks to its uniquely virgin, pristine nature it has been protected by UNESCO since 1983. This wonderful reserve with the highest waterfall in North America and 1299 km of tourist routes is located on the slopes of the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the state of California where so many Russians live.

The most delightfully beautiful building in Hollywood, the Grauman Chinese Theater is a sophisticated hymn to the refined architectural style of the Middle Kingdom and a tribute to the significantly vast Chinese diaspora, without which it is impossible to imagine Los Angeles over the past 79 years.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous and auspicious landmark in the whole city, a symbol of San Francisco and the entire Pacific coast of the United States. The handsome “man” soaring over the bay managed to get into over hundred films and get his own Internet site.

A casual walk downtown Los Angeles will be quite incomplete without visiting the famous Union Station. Inside a large-scale, imposing building built in 1938 life seems to be in the rhythm of the 40-ies – the waiting room, the elaborate restaurant and the nicely decorated interiors of the station are carefully maintained in their original last century form.

The entertainment and commercial vibrant center of San Francisco, Union Square, is the center of expensive, prominent boutiques of eminent designers, high-end restaurants and ultra-fashionable, rocking nightclubs. If your ultimately set goal is pure entertainment, you cannot leave the borders of Union Square at all.

Entertaining science is the cornerstone slogan of the Exploratorium Museum, located on the 15th pier of San Francisco Harbor. Created by the genius of the famous physicist Franz Oppenheimer and founded in 1968, the Exploratorium simply and fascinatingly talks about the structure of the Universe.

Chinatown San Francisco is the largest, most intricate place of compact residence of the Chinese outside their lovely homeland. The history of the district has more than 140 years, and today about 234 thousand citizens of the Middle Kingdom constantly live in 23 quarters of Chinatown, rarely visited by Russian women, since it is not the best place for dating or for going out.

Perhaps not a single randomly selected area of ​ ​Los Angeles emphasizes the title of the "melting pot" and the whole country like Chinatown. As the name duly implies, it refers to the Chinese community, which chose this part of the city as its place of permanently established, convenient settlement.

Known primarily from the cult series of the nineties, the twin hills called Twin Peaks rise above San Francisco and the harbor, hiding in the murky cloud on foggy days. The Twin Peaks observation deck offers a dizzyingly tantalizing view of the city and the bay.

The architecture leaning ode to the Golden Calf, Hurst Castle, is perhaps California's most incredible attraction all the way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The history of the outstanding Hurst Castle begins in 1864.

San Francisco's glorious Haight-Ashbury district came up in history in 1966, in the hot summer of which over a hundred thousand hippies gathered here to celebrate the famous Summer of Love. Today, Haight-Ashbury is still a life-full, energetically smashing and boiling area of ​ ​ San Francisco frequented by the intrigued Russian girls.

A corner of brutally tsarist Russia in sunny California, Fort Ross is a former Russian colony 79 km north of San Francisco, founded in the early 19th century during the time of the notorious Fur Fever. Today it is a US national historical monument, more than a hundred thousand tourists come to see it annually.

Anyone for whom the words like Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo! and Google are not an empty sound, of course, are well aware of the place, with which the emergence of these world-famous companies is associated – we mean here the Stanford University, or Leland Stanford Jr. University.

Staples Center in Los Angeles is a universally acclaimed sports complex with a capacity of up to 19 thousand people. The huge circular building is designed in a futuristic style and is made almost entirely of glass.

The tallest building in Las Vegas, the cutest attraction of the "city of sin" and the most unforgettable view of the sultry Nevada – all this is the tower of the glorious hotel-casino Stratosphere. Here you can calmly spend the whole day, almost all your hard-earned money and not regret a single minute of it.

Old City (San Diego) is the place where the first European settlement in the territory of present-day California was founded. In the Old City there is the State Historical Park of the same name, as well as Presidio Park.

Russian woman sunbathing in San Francisco, CaliforniaCity Hall is one of the tallest buildings in California. A white 33-story skyscraper 137 m high stands in the heart of the city, and today the Los Angeles City Hall is located there. According to one version, the building was built according to the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, which is more than 2134 years old.

Castro District in San Francisco is a section of the street of the same name from 19th Avenue to Market Street, famous throughout the whole world as the center of the LGBT movement. Supporters of same-sex love gradually flooded this territory in the seventies of the last century, before them mainly hard-labor Irish workers lived here.

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve is formally located within the city of San Diego. And at the same time, it remains a corner of a truly intact nature: here is the wildest strip of land (with an area of ​ ​ 7948 square meters km) on the entire South Coast of California.

Griffith Observatory is one of the iconic places in Los Angeles. The idea of ​ ​ its creation arose in 1907, when Colonel Jenkins Griffith saw the starry sky in the largest telescope at that time and decided that it would be nice for every person to have such an opportunity.

Lake Tahoe is located on the border of California and Nevada, in the very south of Sierra Nevada. This reservoir is a real natural treasure 34 km long and 18 km wide. In summer, the Russian women come here to swim in clear, slightly bluish water, sunbathe on numerous beaches, date the local men and walk along shady trails.

The Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles (MOCA) is rightfully and duly considered by many diversely knowledgeable experts to be one of the best art collections in the States. The museum is fully dedicated to modern art – there is both a permanent exhibition of painting, sculpture, graphics and applied art, as well as temporarily arranged outstanding exhibitions.

The main wine region of the United States, the picturesque and fertile Napa Valley, is spread over the vast expanses of Northern California. There are 15 thousand hectares of vineyards, several dozen large and five hundred smaller scale wine farms.

The Mojave Desert is largely considered to be a meaningful symbol of the South of the United States. Sometimes it is called the "Sugar of the New World." Cowboys once roamed here, shot in rage at each other and looked for gold. As a result, Las Vegas was built nearby. The desert encompasses three states and part of Mexico, where it connects with the Sonora desert.