A piece of advice on dating Russian women

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One can find a lot of advice regarding dating Russian women on Internet these days. Some of it may not be that useful because it refers to the Russian women right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Women in that country have changed a lot since then, a whole new generation of young and voluptuous ladies has grown up that has never lived under Communism.

a Slavic lady anticipating the future datingTheir goals and ambitions are rather different from the aspirations of previous generations, however, a young and not that young single woman always needs a respectful and caring husband. This axiom will sound as irrefutably true at any epoch and in any country. However, also there are certain postulates that ring as true only for Russia and for other Slavic countries. Many Russian brides are both resilient and persevering. 

If you are on a quest for a gorgeous Russian bride, it would be advisable that you join some specialized online dating forums devoted to dating women from Slavic countries. There you can receive a lot of first-hand advice from the Western men who have already been in your shoes, you can also offer your own take on the matter to less experienced forum members. Especially take heed of the advice from those who have a successful story to share with you and who is in a happy relationship with a woman from an Eastern European country. If you wish to begin your search right now, you are more than welcome to create your profile oShe is ready for some courtship fun!n the Ukrainian and Russian dating site here in order to find yourself a superb Slavic bride.

The next step after you find your soul mate online on a dating site will be either your trip to Russia or her arrival to you. The latter, of course, is cheaper, but not all women will have the courage to go to a foreign country straight away after the online acquaintance, even if she is ready for the relocation for marriage. The best strategy to pursue will be to visit Russia yourself. Your overall budget may start at USD 4000, depending on your needs and tastes.

What age difference can a Russian woman accept when getting married? What about religion?

Russian women are actually rather flexible when it comes to the age difference. Many Russian brides actually prefer their future husbands to be older than they are, a few years difference is quite common. 10-15 years in general in most cases will be your certain advantage rather than a drawback. If you are in any way famous, are an anchorman on TV or a well-known journalist, even 20-25 years difference will not forebear any difficulties for a secure and rewarding marriage.

Slavic women in general avoid getting to know Muslim men for marriage, however, there is a certain percentage of them who will gladly accept you irrespective of your religion. But be prepared for additional issues on this ground, you both will need to work out acceptable compromises if your Russian fiancée turns out to be a devout Orthodox Christian. In this case you will need to accept her as she is by faith. The same goes for any other religion or religious practice. Also, in Russia there are millions of Muslim women in such regions as Tatarstan and so forth – you may try your luck with Muslim women there.