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You may have often heard that Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Moldovan women are not very fussy and choosy about the age of their potential life partner.

Russian lady taking an ice bathWe have really exciting news for you in store here. In general, it holds to be true! Let’s try to launch a gauging probe into the inner workings of this intricate process.

Slavic women are raised with the predominant perception that they need to find a husband quite early in their lives, a woman who is 30 years old and not married is viewed as an old spinster who is not really wanted or desired by anyone. Even 50 years ago this largely artificial age threshold was tentatively 25 years of age. That’s the reason why Slavic ladies, especially Russian and Ukrainian women, are (sometimes doggedly) determined to find a husband as early as possible. However, the domestic pastures often don’t offer much hope for them in this regard, because most Slavic males are either poor as church rats or are pathetical alcoholics. Of course there are decent men around as well, but their numbers are rather limited. As many Russian women joke, they are so limited that it is time to protect them like endangered species.

This makes Slavic women consider the nuptial opportunities in the West, especially when they turn 30 – the alarm bell in their heads starts ringinging like there is no tomorrow. In the West an unmarried woman who is 30 years old, who is beautiful to the point of being stunning and who has never had children is an enviable and a rare catch. Most Western ladies are accustomed to dating partners of their own age, or they can tolerate maybe a little gap, but not 10-15 or even 20 years. In many Slavic countries it seems to be an established norm.

A professional Eastern European dating site features a lot of very attractive and relatively young females who are eager to find a husband in the West. Most of them don’t just accept that their husband can be 10-15 years older, they actually request it!

Why Slavic women prefer older menA happy woman eating fruit

They opt for older suitors because of a whole range of reasons, and the financial security is not really the determining factor in this conundrum. One of the main reasons is that women ubiquitously mature much earlier than men, and wisdom comes with age and experience, as they say. Basically, many Slavic women feel like they are dating a teenager when they get involved in a serious relationship with Western men of their age or with younger ones.

No one likes to be a jilted suitor, so our advice is as follows: if you don’t want to be rejected by a Russian or a Ukrainian bride, try to date younger women. Even 2 or 3 years age difference may turn out to be crucial for a sustainable and lasting relationship. Don’t underestimate this cornerstone factor when looking for your soul mate in the Eastern Europe.

That said, don’t push your luck over the limit either. If you are 55-60 years old, don’t search for ladies in their early twenties – some may even fall for you and you may have a brief affair, but they will still largely view you as their father rather than their partner. Let us put it in more simple terms – be realistic in your expectations if you don’t want to wake up one day with the painful realization – I am nothing for her but yet another sugar daddy.

If your Slavic bride is much younger than you are, be patient. She may have her own needs and she will need her private space. Don't intrude into this space, but rather strive to be included there of her own volition. Whenever the time is ripe, she will gradually become more open, more responsive to you, especially if she realizes that you are not possessive. Attempt not to be overly jealous even if your young bride may inadvertently provoke you by, say, talking to her previous suitors over the phone. “Clean and dust” it only after the marriage has been agreed upon.

Be aware that women who are over 40 sometimes may have soaring expectations. In general though Slavic ladies are not as demanding as their Western sisters, so you will be playing on an ideal field anyway. We can only hope that you score a decisive victory in this sweet battle called international dating.