Analyzing your better half – is it worth the efforts?

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Do you spend a lot of energy trying to understand how your bride or wife really feels about being together with you?

rose-skirted Russian girlWe men often get way too busy assessing what sort of an attitude a woman has to us. We want to establish a better connection with the woman, an intimate closeness of souls. Often we believe that we can score more kudos points by showering our attention on our dear ladies. But the truth is that it can ineffably backfire and work against the love relationship you aspire to develop.

Many women on Russian dating sites dislike being analyzed all the time, so, if you engage in a continuous analysis of their character, you will risk losing at least some of them. No need to begin laying all your matrimonial dreams and hopes on one particular woman well before you get to know her well. If you keep evaluating your bride, gradually she will become the center (or should we say epicenter) of your emotions and even your whole life. Your friends and hobbies may experience a backlash from that and may begin falling by the wayside.

When all this transpires, you may lose the sense of your own self. Just imagine for a second that you keep analyzing your Russian bride all the time – in this case she will be turning into the pivotal center around which your own world rotates. But it will mean you are not the center of your own world anymore. You will end up holding even tighter onto her than before, the depth and width of your analysis will relentlessly be expanding. You will be looking for and actually allocating the clues and hints that are not really there.

In other words, you will be making stupid mistakes about the personality of your bride and about her behavior patterns. And the more time you spend on this deplorable analysis of your bride, the worse results you will be obtaining. It is a vicious circle that you will be risking getting sucked into.

When a woman feels you are investing all your time into assessing how she lives and what she thinks, even what she wears, she becomes increasingly turned off by this. She got attracted to you initially because you had an interesting life of your own, something that made you stand apart from other males. By chasing her like this you are actually destroying your own life (and the attraction of it) to tiny little smithereens. You are making your partner overwhelmed by your constant attention. She will end up withdrawing into her own little world and closing the door for you. You will not seem as attractive and desirable as you used to be.

If you go around being perplexed as to how she behaves and spend long hours evaluating her every move, you will shut the emotional door for communication and will deprive her of the mutual feeling of connection every woman craves for in her personal life. You will be the dismal creator of your own perpetual insecurity that will pass onto your partner like a wave. Your focus should not be pinned on her, you should pay all your attention to how you BOTH feel when you are together, either online or in real life. Dating, marriage and relationship in geserious-looking Ukrainian brideneral require a constant team work, and this team work should exclude one-way analysis.


How to behave when dating online

When dating online on a Russian personals site, you should concentrate on being open-minded, attractive, smart, happy and fantastic. Of course, you should evaluate your potential partners as well, but the main focus should be on how you both feel about each other. Dating is an emotional ping-pong that ne
eds the attention of both parties, and the game becomes entertaining only when both parties know how to score a point, how to derive immense pleasure from it.

Basically, when you feel in your groove, perfectly fit and ready for emotional cohesion, then there is no need to analyze anything, you can just go with the flow and enjoy the precious, unforgettable moments of true psychological comfort and intimacy. On the other hand, if you begin experiencing insecurities and concerns when talking to a girl online, it may be a sure-fire signal that she is not right for you – it would happen even before you begin explicitly analyzing anything, and that’s the beauty of this formidable approach based on the emotional connectivity.