Are single Russian women feminists?

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It is believed that the term “feminism” was coined and first used by the French Utopian socialist Charles Fourier in 1837.

Russian mermaid womanOne of the most prominent feminists was Emmeline Pankhurst, who fought for the suffrage rights for all women in the United States in the beginning of the twentieth century. But the first feminists probably were the Amazons from ancient Greek myths – those famous one-breasted ladies who hated and even loathed men so much that they learned to live without having them hanging around.

Feminism nowadays is a solid, constantly developing movement in the West that influences the daily lives of most, if not all women. This movement has given a lot to modern Western ladies – equal rights with men, including the equal pay, voting rights, maternity leave rights and so on.

But feminism has also had an incredibly negative impact on women’s relationship with men, so much so that many men came up with pentup chauvinism to counteract the practices that they view unnatural and even unfair. This shift, if not to say schism in gender relations has claimed a gigantic toll in the West. Many marriages fall apart, families are not as stable as they used to be. Many men begin looking for their matrimonial happiness abroad, notably in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Feminism has gradually seeped into Russia, but it has taken on a rather abridged, country-specific form. Claiming Russian singles dating on Internet to be feminists would largely be an oxymoron deprived both of practical implications and common sense.

It is not that single Russian ladies don’t enjoy being treated equally in the sense of getting the same pay as men and being provided with the paid maternity leave. They surely want all this. However, they are also eager to preserve their in-born femininity, which is basica

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lly an antonym to the word feminism these days. To get to the pith of this matter we need to remember that the Russian society remains predominantly patriarchal.

Why single Russian women reject feminism

Russian ladies strive to avoid losing their feminine identity, hence their despising attitude towards the Western version of feminism. They don’t mind to be spoiled by men at all, allowing them to take the initiative in romance. They also project this submissive attitude onto their family life, preferring to be the guardians of the symbolic family fire rather than bread-winners.

When forced by life, single Russian women can achieve brilliant results in their overwhelmingly successful careers. But even career-oriented Russian ladies feel way more better when in charge of a family setting rather than in charge of a company.

They are propelled forward by natural instincts, being not ready to quell the call of nature and to reject their happiness in favor of dubious male opportunities. “I think feminists in the West are scrawny and ugly women, sometimes they are spinsters with hairy armpits. And they smell bad!” said Olga Ivansheeva, 26, who has just recently married an American in Oklahoma.

Such an attitude to Western feminists is a widely-spread phenomenon on the vast expanses of the former Soviet empire. Such attitudes may look repulsive or even funny, but they do dominate the minds of single Russian women aspiring to find a reliable and caring husband.