Are you hygiene-compatible with your Russian soulmate?

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You plan to begin living together with your Russian soulmate, in wedlock or in a civilian arrangement?

Russian lady looking for some funIf so, one important point to consider is your attitude to cleanliness. You may object by saying that you know her quite well already, that you are perfectly confident she is not a sloppy type and all is going just swell. Don’t jump at tangible conclusions yet though, let’s examine the matter more closely.

John and Natasha have been happily dating for over three months. He enjoyed her carefree jokes and felt quite at ease with her. John came to the conclusion that his parents were way too finicky and this pedantry rubbed off on his worldview as well.

Natasha found a true solace in John’s responsible attitude to every minute detail. Unlike her, he seemed to keep everything in perfect order and in sterling cleanliness. However, at a certain moment they both had to look down the barrel of a cruel reality. Natasha arranged for a special occasion, she would pick John up at his place and serve a delicious meal at her condo. Her car caught his attention first. Yes, John, meet a Russian bride of your dreams – her car had a rather untidy look, as if someone was roasting barbecue inside every day, while his car was speck-free and freshly washed.

The vehicle wasn’t just grubby on the outside, it also happened to be grimy inside. John could not conceal his alarm and utter bewilderment. When John was inside her condo, he looked around and found himself in the middle of a domestic Armageddon – there was trash in the corners, a heap of unwashed dishes was piled on the dish-washer. At a particular moment John was quite positive he caught the glimpse of an escaping cockroach. “It was disgusting, but it also showed me what I was facing – the future with this woman would be as cluttered and unattended as her kitchen sink”.

But let’s not be overly harsh on Natasha. Indeed, chances are John may have overreacted in his immediate skepticism. Her slack ineptness may have partially been in his head alone, at least some of it.

Well, John and Natasha are not an exception, many couples seem to run into similar uncouth complications. If you observe a potential for a rising conflict between you and your Russian female over insufficient cleanliness, take into account our thoughts below.

Don’t even think about avoiding this. Even if you overlook it during the inception days of romance, it is bound to catch up with you later on. Many married people have bitter arguments about each other’s untidiness even if they ignore it initially.

Before you pronounce a definite judgment about your Russian woman, look at your own habits and behavior patterns, see if you are really as perfect as you think you are. Chances are your stern reaction to your Russian soul mate is way too strong and she is actually not as sloppy as you think she really is.Russian bride on a bridge

Imagine a cleanliness scale between 1 and 5 and see where you view yourself on it and where your Russian soulmate may stand on it. If you rank yourself at 5 and her – at 2, you definitely have a tidiness issue in your couple. If you are sort of close on the scale, you may have occasional frustrations and disagreements, but you will be avoiding a major conflict.


How to improve the situation

Most Russian females are very clean and tidy individuals, but if you have discovered your bride is not as impeccable as many others in this respect, try to remedy the situation. You both should be able to discuss the issue and to attempt at working out a reasonable compromise. Every mature relationship is all about giving and taking, so you may find the middle ground successfully and even easily, if you look for it hard enough.

However, we also should caution you against being overly optimistic about possible changes in your partner if they require almost a complete change-over of habits. Grown-up people do change, but a U-turn is highly unlikely, a frumpy slattern will never turn into a tidy Cinderella.

The health of your relationship will strongly depend on your mutual compatibility on all major points, including cleanliness. If neatness of your Russian bride is important to you, pay attention to it in advance, well before you begin living together. And mind it, there is no need to limit yourself with searching only for Russian women, you can also socialize with Moldova brides or Ukrainian girls, for instance.