Behavior rules for dating a Russian or a Ukrainian woman

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Are there any secrets about how to date Russian women? Your success in dating a Russian woman will in the long run depend on how you approach this process.

a Russian woman clamorous for dating onlineWe can offer some tips to give you a hefty boost right from the start of your demanding endeavor:

One of the secrets is – don’t suffocate your relationship and let the romance oxygen flow freely. It is well known that such a suffocation very often entails the death of a relationship. You might be motivated to rush to your beloved Russian or Ukrainian woman and to spend every hour, every minute of your life with her. However, it is important to leave your newly obtained love some breathing space.

You must realize that she led a certain lifestyle before meeting you that included her hobbies, her relationship with relatives and so forth. Don’t expect your Russian (or Ukrainian) bride to sacrifice all this to the relationship, it would be rather selfish on your part.

It is a bit depressing: you have just found the lady who intrigues and excites you, this feeling seems to be reciprocated. There is a galvanizing sizzle between you two, it seems to be melting down the sofa where you are sitting. You are almost unable to hold back this steam, it is as unbearable as trying to stick a cork back into the Champagne bottle. But don’t be in a hurry, detract your attention to something more innocent unless you are eager to “blow the fuse” way too early and to incur a damage onto your fledgling relationship. Your mutual circuitry and chemistry haven’t fully established yet, let them come to fruition and revisit this page at a later stage of your relationship with your Russian bride.

If you want your dating to be meaningful, prepare for it well in advance. Determine which restaurants, theaters and cinemas you want to visit. Work around your own schedule to be fully available, including at the time when she may propose something on the spur of the moment. Any uncertainty should be taken out of your dating equation as much as possible.

Your friends and hobbies are important and you should not neglect them. But you can always skip a few football matches or pub outings, such things can always wait, provided you really care for your new Russian lady and are eager to please her, to go beyond your usual self in order to win her sympathy.

If you want to score some additional points with your lady, don’t even think about checking on her in the evenings or check-calling her. She must have her privacy intact and even safeguarded by you. This way you will help develop a certain level of trust between you too that will empower your burgeoning liaison.

Better concentrate on what is important for both of you today, don’t rush ahead with the future planning before both of you are convinced you know each other well enough. The future is like a huge jewel in a box for presents, take your time before unwrapping it.a Ukrainian bride eager for a date


Why it is important to keep the communication door open

It is rather amazing, but still true – so many new couples waste a lot of time in practicing various forms of ventriloquism when they attempt to figure out what their soul mate really thinks of plans to do. But why date a Russian lady if you cannot communicate with her?

No need to strive at turning into a mind-reading guru, behave like a grown-up, responsible person and a seasoned dater. She is not going to get offended it you tactfully bring up the subject that is on your mind. Just imagine how many countless hours of agonizingly painful speculations you may end up saving if you just stop all senseless intuitive plowing and guesswork and just approach her directly.

Besides, if you just keep guessing, you will never have a guarantee that you have guessed it right. Chances are you are dating a dishonest woman and she may lie to you even if you ask your questions or share your burdens, this is true, but in this case you can always watch her mimics and reaction, a liar usually exposes his true feelings.