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The striking beauty and caring character of Belarus women has been turning the Belarus dating into a fashionable trend in the recent past. Ukrainian and Russian dating have been in vogue for quite some years, but Belarus ladies wishing to find foreign husbands abroad has been discovered relatively recently.

Belarus brideIt has been a carefully hidden diamond right in the heart of the Eastern Europe. Many international dating sites have begun offering the service that allows meeting Belorussian (or Belarusian) brides, and is not an exception. We have a rather wide variety of women from Belarus who are eager to meet foreign grooms and move to the permanently West to establish a family. If you have a certain interest in dating ladies from this country, this article here is right for you.

If you have a fancy to meet a Belarusian woman, there are two options available for you. The first and the most expensive one is going to this country personally, socializing there, checking out possible candidates. The second, and a much more inexpensive option is getting registered on an international dating site, creating a profile there and beginning to browse through the profiles of available ladies. This dating site is a niche site that specializes in the East European online dating, so your chances of meeting the right woman will increase here almost exponentially.

If it happens that you meet a wonderful lady on a dating site: a nice, heart-felt letter will help you attract the attention of a Belarus lady. Avoid expressly flirting comments, because it may displease certain women with whom you talk online. If she reciprocates and responds to your letter, your communication can become more frequent. Belarus women are in general very polite, their manners are impeccable and sweet, make sure you respond in kind. If you arm yourself with this approach, you will certainly become a star on the horizon of quite many Belarus brides.

If you meet a wonderful lady on the streets of this country: When some Western men visit Belarus, they are simply charmed by the astounding beauty of the local women, and as a result they feel rather timid about approaching them. We will let you in on a little handy secret here – many Belarus women are rather down to earth, sociable and kind people. An open smile, a friendly chat will always be appreciated and you will feel at ease talking to these gorgeous ladies. It may sound too good to be really true, but it is the case. Belarusian brides are probably the best option among the Slavic women, they effectively compete with Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

All you need to do is offer a polite introduction. If she likes the way you look there are excellent chances she will like the way you talk, as simple as that. Then you will need to find the right moment to ask her out for a date somewhere downtown. It should not necessarily be a fancy and expensive restaurant, but it should be the place where you two will feel comfortable and not overly distracted by the surroundings.Belarus dating

Dating tips for Belarus:

  • Get to know her culture and the language (most of them speak Russian). Some details about her country and the capital, Minsk, will help you not just in your tete-a-tete conversations, it will also enrich your own cultural outlook. If you assume that she is Russian, strictly speaking, she may easily get offended about it. Belarusians have their own ethnic pride, just as the Ukrainians do.
  • If you broach a conversation about a certain subject, you better have all the finer points covered in your head – whatever you say, it should be knowledgeable and have an air of authority. If you impress your Belarus bride with an extensive knowledge about her country and culture, it will certainly pay back to you, and soon.
  • When dating a Belorussian woman, either online or in real life, always remain a gentleman and never show any signs of rudeness. The local women believe that rude men are disgusting and they cannot trust them. As you can see, proper behavior and chivalry are appreciated in all countries of the world. Give her flowers if you meet personally, open doors for her and pull chairs at restaurants and theaters.
  • Being an attentive listener is a key to success: many Belarus women enjoy talking about their country and their relatives. Sometimes her stories may seem a bit detached from your cultural code, but you still need to pay attention to win her favorite disposition. Your genuine interest and care will go a long way and will build bridges over the cultural gap.
  • Belarusian brides adore having fun outside, including dancing and singing karaoke. An awesome Belarus dating would need to include a certain planning for such enjoyable activities.


What do the Belarusian women expect to find in a man?

Belarus brides primarily look for responsible and seasoned men who can take care of their future family and will want to settle down in life, will want to get married. These ladies are outstanding home-makers, they have a knack for cooking tasty dishes and looking after their children (and sometimes even their husbands!). What they are searching for is love, faithfulness and devotion, a fulfilling, meaningful marriage.

They respect honesty anBelarus woman on a dated the ability to cater for the family. If you possess all these qualities, you will be able to enjoy a happy life with a faithful, devoted Belarusian girl. Don’t hesitate to put what you have just learned into practice, and we sincerely hope that will assist you in this spectacular endeavor.

Belarus is a relatively small country located in the Eastern Europe, without access to seas or oceans, a landlocked area. We don’t hear about this country very often, probably that’s the reason why inquisitive Western men mostly hear about Russian and Ukrainian brides, but they rarely pay attention to Belarus. However, the Belarus brides are incredible and stunning women. A lot of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish blood runs through their veins, it is a really great mix of nations, it is the sparkling wine on the international dating market. Don’t overlook it, learn about this option and it may turn out that a Belarus woman is just exactly what you have been seeking for. 

The secrets behind the stunning beauty of Belarus brides

Belarus brides are often referred to as “natural beauties”, and in the review published by the professor Stefan Prefskreson from Sweden, on March 19, 2014, he describes the Belarussian women as “gorgeous beyond comparison”. One of their assiduously hidden secrets is the fact that they rarely use excessive cosmetics to attain presentable looks. This way their skin retains its natural softness and impeccable allure throughout many years.

Belarus is surrounded by the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Poland and, as we have already mentioned, there have been many intermarriages, which made their features really stunning, these women are attractive both outside and inside. They are fans of going in for sports, and it helps them maintain their gorgeous bodies – there are hundreds of fitness centers throughout this magnificent and hospitable country. Yet another reason behind the beauty of Belarus women is their dietary preferences. Their draniki, made of grated potatoes, are simply exquisite. Their culinary secret is low fat ingredients for the food that they eat on a daily basis. They eat a lot of parsnip, beats, cabbage, turnips, swedes.

Don’t hesitate and discover the Belarus dating online, we are 100% certain you will not regret it.