Can your friends stand between you and your dating a Russian bride?

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You are corresponding with ladies on an international dating site like this one and your friends tell you it is an abominable waste of time?

cat-loving Russian bride waiting for a dateThey laugh at your fantasies about landing a date with a bride in Russia or in Ukraine? Even though they don’t show overt malice, they are still sabotaging your efforts at finding true love. Your friends can actually turn into frenemies if they persevere in such an attitude – the people who harm your life without really having a manifest desire to do so, or even proclaiming to be your friends while ostracizing your drive towards personal happiness.

Worrying spreads like a malicious disease, and if you hang around your friends who are scornful about love and even about dating in general, you may end up with the same attitude and maybe even without understanding that they were the cause of this. Commiserating and “co-ruminating” can bring about augmented anxiety and the feeling of utter hopelessness as far as your future is concerned. And take heed – it will not improve your deplorable status of being single either. On the contrary, if you resort to active dating and an active position in life in general, it will bring about positive results. All those Russian beauties online are not going to be yours, but all you need is just one great and gorgeous lady.

 If you want to steer clear of such a situation, just change the topic of your discussion. If you switch gears on time, most likely you will save the conversation by not letting it slip into the “there are no trustworthy women for us out there”, totally defeatist attitude. You may sympathize with their point of view, but don’t reward it with the empathy it doesn’t deserve. They need to resolve their problems themselves, and if you succeed in dating, you may be the one to help them out, psychologically.

Some of your friends may feel jealous to see how much female attention you are continuously receiving on R4B here or on another international dating site. They may say something along the lines of “All comes so easy to you” and so forth. It will be a signal to you that you need to address this situation. Be frank with your friend and ask directly what he really means. Politely of course.

Your friends certainly evaluate women according to their own standards, but what is great for them may be absolutely unacceptable for you. If one of your friends finds the Russian lady you are chatting online with boring or unattractive, don’t pay much attention to it, make your own judgment. Don’t take their less-than-stellar assessments at their true value, they cannot know your needs better than you yourself.another cat-loving Russian female

Your friends may be surprised that you are not following the established routine anymore because you are sucked into the dating vortex. They may wonder what has happened to you and offer disrespectful or overtly grudging comments. In this case remind them that you are not their baby-sitter, that you are not married to your friendship, though you fully
appreciate and enjoy it. If they are your real and caring friends, they will wait for your come back, either with a new Russian bride or still alone, but horny and dating again.

Avoid competing with friends, either for a coveted relationship with the same woman, or for better success stories in general. Some of our friends may be like that – if you had a meaningful date yesterday, he will be striving to have three dates tomorrow. Very often not because he really needs these dates, but because he is eager to show you that he can beat you on this score, at least as far as the quantity is concerned. Don’t focus on winning such dubious competitions, and maybe even reconsider your friendship with this pathetic guy and let him compete with somebody else. In all likelihood, he is determined to compete with you because he seriously lacks something in his own life. Just be happy for him if he wins and consider following the advice we have provided above.

You will need to do something about it anyway if your friend just keeps letting you down like this. Just tell him he is the best and maybe concentrate on online dating here than on him, it will always be more rewarding, we guarantee you that 100%.