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Canada is a large country in the North America, it ranks 2nd in the world in terms of area after Russia. Before we delve deeper into the intricacies of Canada dating and how to be successful with Canadian women, let’s learn some more about the country itself.

Some interesting facts about Canada and the local ladies

Canada is a large country in the North America, it ranks 2nd in the world in terms of area after Russia. Before we delve deeper into the intricacies of Canada dating and how to be successful with Canadian women, let’s learn some more about the country itself. It is washed by the Atlantic, Pacific and even Arctic Oceans and has an enormous border with the United States in the south and northwest, with Greenland in the northeast and ubiquitous France (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) in the east. Canada's border with the United States is the longest common border in the world. Canada by law is a constitutional monarchy with an established parliamentary system – a bilingual and multicultural country where English and French are recognized as official languages at the federal level. A technologically advanced and industrialized state, Canada has a multisectoral, diverse economy based on rich natural resources and robust trade (in particular with the United States, with which Canada has cooperated comprehensively since the colonies and the founding of the Confederation).

Toronto girl hopeful for a dateDating Canada women and girls aside, have you ever thought about living in Canada? If the answer is negative, then very much in vain. After all, Canada is a unique projection of the world in miniature. The population of this large country is 36345000 people and continues going up. Coverage is the whopping 10 thousand square kilometers. In some provinces, only English or French is spoken, despite Canada's multi-nationality. For example, the eastern part of the province - Quebec predominantly speaks French, whereas the west and center of the country speaks mostly English. Quite a few lakes and forests are a vivid feature of this dating-loving country.  

If you are lucky enough to be here during the "Indian summer," that is, during the "golden autumn" you will inevitably be amazed by the beauty of the forests preparing for the cold and by the stunning looks of the single Canadian women getting into the groove for their cold season dates and blossoming relationships. "Indian summer" is probably the best in the Canadian capital, just as the local ladies - many claim Ottawa girls are the most beautiful in the whole country.

Most of Canada women live in cities, about 61 percent of people prefer private homes over apartments. Despite the size of the country, the bulk of the population is invariably concentrated in the south, along the border with the United States. But we cannot guarantee that the most attractive Canadian girls live only in this particular area.

The city of Toronto is the largest city and economic workshop of the country. The population is 2.63 million people, a huge dating arena. Montreal is the second largest city, where the only official language is French. This is a modern city of skyscrapers and expressways. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, drowns in greenery and parks, it is rightfully a center of art and culture and vibrant relationships. Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities with developed IT and the film industry.

There are countless roads in Canada, which cover more than 1 million kilometers. Perhaps because of this fact, bus travel between cities in North America is a pure pleasure. But the upkeep of a personal car costs motorists a decent amount. Insurance alone, which is mandatory for each car owner, reaches about $900 per month. For experienced drivers, the price of insurance will be an average of $150 per month. Local students are quite pleased with public transport, because the system is quite convenient and prices do not exceed reasonable limits. However, we don’t recommend a date inside a car or a bus – better find a more romantic place to express your tender feelings of love and adoration.

The economy of this country is at a good level. In general, Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, with a high per capita income. Canada managed to create a respected economic level and maintains it to this day at the expense of the oil industry and forest processing. Approximately 11 per cent of the world's oil reserves belong to these lands. IT professionals interested in the video industry have a direct road to Canada because this area is one of its strengths. With a high probability, every experienced specialist will find himself here a highly paid job to his liking, be it a man or a woman.

Canadian women themselves are very good-natured and friendly people, known for their warm, outgoing mentality. Canadian women adore a romantic twist and a positive approach to dating. If you accidentally stepped on someone's foot, then you need to apologize. Canadians, in principle, like to apologize a lot. There is even such a joke: if Canada participated in the courtesy competition, it would take second place, politely losing the first to some other country. Here Canadian girls smile and say hello to you right on the street, seeing you for the first and last time, - though it may sound and look a little strange, for these ladies it is a part of their culture. What can be better than the welcoming mood of a society? As for work, Canadian girls, probably like most people, devote a lot of time to work, but at the same time it is difficult to call them workaholics. Two weeks of vacation per year is almost must have for all Canadian ladies.

The average salary in Canada is $2,643 after deducting all taxes, irrespective of the gender. A very attractive amount compared to the income of some other countries.

Going down to the Canadian subway when on a date with a Canadian woman you will not see a self-taught singer who draws attention to his person. Rather, you will notice only talented mini-orchestras with fancy brass musical instruments. These teams undergo special casting. It turns out that not everyone is allowed to sing in Canada even on the subway, for this type of activity you need to have a special license giving you the right to creativity in public.

Canada is all known for its love of hockey in the winter and a good lacrosse game in the summer. People of absolutely all ages play hockey and each district even has its own team. This sport is of greatest interest and is a visiting card of the country.

One of the most attractive features of this country for foreign students is the cost of education. Compared to the United States, education in Canada is one third cheaper and is more affordable to women. Canadians strongly encourage educational immigration and support foreign students in every way. Most students are from China, India and France. You can study, live and date here comfortably.

At every step there are restaurants and cafes for every taste and color. In general, the culinary features of Canada do not shine with special color. Canadian women themselves prefer food from meat and fish: steaks, beefsteaks, rosbiff and phalangets – and local women cook delicious dinners for their husbands. Among the famous local dishes can be noted Poutine: French fries and curd cheese covered with sauce will drive any gourmet Canada woman crazy. And maple syrup is the national pride of Canadians, it is served everywhere with pancakes, buns, pies and cupcakes – a sign of a rather romantic date that cannot go wrong. Also, the local ice wine has gained great popularity among sommeliers, as its vines are harvested after the very first frosts, when the grapes cover with a thin layer of ice. The tip rate here is 10 -15 percent of the order value. Be generous when you date Canadian women and offer generous tips.

Canada's uniqueness lies in its combination of the modern world of technology and nature. Landscapes and oldest national parks have been preserved, in which bears, bison, beavers and other animals can be observed. The business cards of the country also include Niagara Falls, the most powerful waterfall in the world, falling from a 51-meter height. A favorite place for tourists and connoisseurs of natural wonders and, of course, seasoned daters. Once in this country on a study, internship or just a short visit, you will not remain indifferent to people, nature, or local mentality. And, it goes without saying, you will be eager to date Canadian girls.


Dating Toronto girls – where to take Toronto women for a date

Toronto's attractions have their own uniquely diverse aesthetics, different from European cities. Here, the construction of modern skyscrapers is going on simultaneously with the reconstruction of old buildings and the improvement of the architectural appearance of industrial facilities. So the face of the city constantly changes just as Toronto dating patterns. And local women surely get the best of the relationship and romance pie – it is not right to remain single in such a beautiful country as Canada.

Toronto is considered a comfortable city for life. Here you can find rich business, cultural, sports life, which annually attracts tens of thousands of curious travelers and makes the Canadian metropolis a popular tourist and dating destination.

In Toronto, the world's tallest television tower is located - the CNN Tower goes up 554 meters. At an altitude of 350 meters there is a cozy restaurant where you can get by high-speed elevator and have a wonderful date with a Toronto woman. Visitors walk along the glass floor of the platform, and with a viewing gallery at an altitude of more than 410 meters the whole city is visible from the palm of your stretched out hand. In good weather you can even see the Niagara Falls located 121 kilometers from the city.

No less impressive is the SkyDome (Rogers Center) indoor stadium. No meaningful Toronto dating would be imaginable without this place of interest. It is so huge that 9 Boings can fit on its vast territory. Sports and musical events can take place here in any weather – a sliding roof is entertaining and safe at the same time. Restaurants, as well as a theater and a hotel operate in the sub-tribune area.

The City Hall complex looks like an alien from the future and Toronto girls enjoy going on a date there as well. Two futuristic skyscrapers are connected by a structure similar to a flying saucer. Toronto residents like to schedule dates at Neuran Philips Square near City Hall. Concerts are also held here, and in winter they pour an ice rink where romantic couples go for wooing and some stretching out.

One cannot fail to mention the famous Hockey Hall of Fame, which is located in Toronto. It is a gallery telling us a lot about the development of world hockey. In the halls there are stands with hockey equipment – clubs, skates. The total area of ​ ​ the expositions totals more than 5.1 thousand square meters.

Toronto boasts a large number of museums, scientific and exhibition centers, universities. The largest museum in Canada is the Royal Ontario Museum. It opened in 1858 and contains about 42 galleries and 6.4 million exhibits. If you take some Toronto women for a meetup there you will surely do the right thing.


Thematically, it is divided into two categories: world culture and natural science. Here you can see galleries of birds, bats, dinosaurs, reptiles. The cultural part presents expositions of Ancient Egypt, Africa, Ancient Greece. 

Calgary girl waiting for her wooing suitor

And the cute Canal Gallery talks about the culture and life of the indigenous peoples of the country.


The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the largest museums in North America and it is a rather famous Toronto dating arena and Toronto girls just adore this building. More than 21 thousand works are presented here, which cover the last 9 centuries. In addition, the gallery contains the creative heritage of Henry Moore, a famous British artist and sculptor.

Toronto is rightfully considered the most important scientific center in Canada. Here are such famous universities as the University of Toronto (the largest in the country), York, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute. Locals like to visit the Ontario Center for Science and Technology, which in 802 pavilions collects technical and natural science achievements of scientists from different countries. Many Toronto ladies work there in these scientific hubs.  And here, before the eyes of astonished spectators and seasoned daters, scientific experiments are staged.


The streets of Toronto along the shore of the lake intersect at right angles. The layout of Toronto areas is according to their functions. Industrial facilities are located near port facilities and railways. Residential areas are characterized by free layout and a large number of greenery, which sets a romantic twist to blossoming relationships. Ethnic neighborhoods look extravagant in the city.

Sooner or later, any tourist or dater alike, will know about this attraction of the city – this is the longest street in the world called Jong Street. It stretches 18 kilometers and crosses the city from south to north. Jong Street, along with King Street and Bloor Street, are city-forming – perpendicular to them are the other streets of the city. This intersection resembles a chessboard, so getting lost in Toronto while dating girls there is very difficult. In any case, you can go to the central street.

In the Downtown area is Bay Street, nicknamed "Canadian Wall Street." There is a skyscraper 73 floors high.

In the same area there is the Toronto Distillery. More than a hundred years ago it was considered the largest in the world. There are Victorian-era buildings in which restaurants, cafes and shops operate, welcoming Toronto girls and their suitors. And near Toronto is an underground heated city. In its structure it resembles a similar subway in Montreal. There are offices, shops, hotels, as well as parks and small fountains.

There are more than 1450 parks in Toronto. Add another 8.5 thousand hectares of green zone to this and you will probably get one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, a sprawling Toronto dating area that goes without any matching parallels.

Toronto women love to relax and to date in High Park, Kew Garden, Harborfont Park and the islands of Lake Ontario. On the artificial islands there is Ontario Place, known for surface pavilions.

And not far from the Toronto distillery a zoo is open. Here, in conditions close to the natural habitat, about 6 thousand different animals live. Divided into zones, the zoo tells us about the nature of all the continents of our planet. For visitors there is a train that runs along the monorail railway.

In the vicinity of Toronto – the famous Niagara Falls. True, it will take 2.5-3 hours to get there, the road is 140 kilometers long. But this journey is worth it. Point Pelee National Park is located in southwestern Ontario. The cape has amazing Carolina deciduous forests and sandy beaches, and 28 species of reptiles and 51 species of spiders live here – a perfect setup for a spectacular date in Toronto.

There are also ski resorts in the vicinity of Toronto, which in the summer become golf grounds. Famous ski slopes are located in Centennial Park, on Blue Mountain, in Glen Park at Niagara Falls. Don’t hesitate to use the hospitality and the infrastructure of this wonderful Canadian city to date some gorgeous ladies here.


Montreal girls and their dating habits – where do local women go to get some wooing?

Montreal is Canada's second largest city, spread over many river islands in the province of Quebec. It is a city of ancient mansions and paved streets, modern skyscrapers and picturesque parks.

Mount Mont Royal is a symbol of the city, on top of it are an unusually beautiful park of the same name and the famous 70-meter Catholic cross. A beautiful panorama of the city is ideal for Montreal dating fans and its surroundings breaks off from the mountain.

Montreal is served by two international airports: Montreal Trudeau Airport 22 km from the center and Mirabel Airport 44 km. The city can also be reached by train, bus or ferry - along the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. Mostly Montreal girls prefer the bus or private cars.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport) is located west of the city center on the highway number 20. The airport is served by all major Canadian and American airlines, including Air Canada, Air Transat and WestJet.

The city has many huge underground shopping complexes, Montreal women get there from metro stations. The busiest shopping street is Rue Ste-Catherine ("1000 store street"). On Saint-Denis you can find fashionable boutiques, and on Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal streets – spacious department stores where daters can buy gifts for their loved ones to ensure the relationship blossoms to the fullest.

Montreal is the birthplace of one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious universities, McGill University, recognized as one of the 30 best in the world.

The Concordia University is yet another English-language university of the city. Although Concordia University does not have a medical school and a law school, it is still considered a world-class business school, and its programs in art and science are first-class.

It is worth examining the old city located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Notre-Dame Bonsecours Church (with an observatory), Notre-Dame-de-Montreal Cathedral, Windsor Station building (19th century). You can also visit the botanical garden (Jardin Botanique), where more than 25 thousand unique plants from around the world are on display. In the middle of the St. Lawrence River are the picturesque islands of St. Helena and Notre Dame. Many historical monuments are located in the Old Port area.

The most popular restaurant and bar street in the city is Crescent Street and it is a flourishing Montreal dating arena.

Montreal girl dating a seasoned Canadian man

Secrets of dating Calgary girls and where to take single local ladies for some fun

Calgary is a large city in the province of Alberta, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and magnificent, well-maintained parks where Calgary girls love to go for dates. Calgary International Airport, 18.5 km from the center, receives many aircraft with ski tourists, because only three hours drive separates Calgary from the resorts of Fernier, Kimberly and others.

C-Train – Calgary light rail, currently operating two lines. With a total length of 48.9 km, they connect the city center with its northeastern, northwestern and southern regions. Simply put, Sea Train is something between the tram and the subway, so we may say the Calgary dating fans have a rather good transportation.

It is worth climbing Calgary Tower, 92 m high, from where a beautiful panorama opens and where you can propose to the Calgary woman of your choice. The tower is designed in such a way that it can be slightly pumped in the wind, maintaining its stability.

Also interesting: Galaway Park – the second largest amusement park in Canada; you can also visit with your Canadian lady the zoo, which is considered one of the best in Canada, the Fort Calgary Historic Park and the famous Olympic Park with sports entertainment.

The city is famous for the annual rodeo Calgary Stampede and Exhibition: parades, performances, competitions are held for 12 days starting from the second week of July. Professionals and amateurs must last at least 9 seconds on the back of an untamed horse, tame a wild mustang or throw lasso on a bull in 10 seconds. If you get tired of the abundance of sights, you can walk in the indoor city garden Devonian Gardens where many single women go for a romantic date.

Heritage Park is a relatively big open-air museum of history, which presents the history of the city of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Glenbow Museum is Calgary's largest, most beautiful art gallery of contemporary Canadian artists and Eskimo art (30 thousand exhibits of the 19th-21st centuries), you can also visit Telus Children's Science Museum and breath-taking Planetarium, Royal Paleontological Museum and Fleet Museum.