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Some ideas for dating Edmonton women

Edmonton is the center of the Canadian province of Alberta. Founded in 1795, the city became an outpost for the development of land in the north and west of Canada. Now Edmonton is a large industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country.

In downtown Edmonton you can find a huge number of restaurants that satisfy all tastes and financial opportunities of those who date Edmonton girls. On the 24th floor of Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe there is a rotating La Ronde restaurant with stunning views of the city.

Edmonton girl on a dateGourmets should undoubtedly visit Chianti's Cafe and Italian Restaurant, an Italian restaurant located in an old post office building, and Da-De-O is a Creole-Caijun bar. And beer lovers will probably have to taste some drinks in Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus – a German pub offering a huge range of European cuisine and more than 65 beers.

We recommend that you visit the Alberta Legislature when on a date with an Edmonton woman, a beautiful colonial-style building built in 1911, after Edmonton was chosen as the provincial capital. In summer a pool is open there, and in winter its skating rink is flooded, - in addition, free excursions are held here making it an exclusive Edmonton dating venue.

The Royal Alberta Museum exhibits unique works by Canadian artists and sculptors. You can also visit the planetarium and IMAX theater. Muttart Conservatory – four huge glass pyramids, inside which three climatic zones and four seasons are presented.

At the Fort Edmonton Park Museum of Living History you will be able to join costume shows that tell us volumes about the life and history of Canada, and at Elk Island National Park of Canada, located less than an hour from Edmonton, look at representatives of the Canadian fauna in natural conditions, ride canoes and ski or play golf together with your lovely Canadian second half.

Edmonton hosts more than 30 festivals every year. The Fringe International Theater Festival, which annually holds about a thousand performances, attracts more than half a million visitors looking for a solid Edmonton dating experience. During the Festival of Art and Design you can see the works of local sculptors and artists.

At Symphony Under the Sky and Edmonton Folk Music Festivals you can listen to great open-air music. During the Days of Culture in Edmonton you can try the local cuisine and watch dances of more than 60 nationalities. When you invite Edmonton girls for a date they will be glad to showcase the local restaurants.


Dating hints for courting luxurious Winnipeg girls and women

Winnipeg is the 6th most important city in Canada and the main city of the province of Manitoba located at the confluence of the Assiniboine River and the Red River. Winnipeg got its name from the lake, which is located 42 miles from the center. Once the Indians lived here gave the name to the lake, which sounded like "nipeg wines" – "dirty water." Today it is a rather large city with a population of slightly more than 610 thousand people, so the dating arena in Winnipeg is rather appealing and diverse.

The city can be conditionally divided into two parts – the old Winnipeg, which is often called Forks, and a new city, which continues to be built and developed. And yet the most interesting place to visit will be the old city. It was at this place in ancient times that tribal leaders constantly met and solved all their problems (buried the hatchet of war, smoked tobacco, choose a new squat for their vigvam). Today Forks is not just an old town. This is a place where a large number of all kinds of attractions are concentrated, to the joy of Winnipeg girls. It is here that you can walk for hours along the beautiful embankment of the Assiniboine River and imagine yourself being the same Indian who hurries to the council of the tribe.

There is an excellent market, by which no one has yet managed to pass. The first floor of this market is occupied by the most common groceries, but on the second floor... The second floor is almost a real museum, where the works of many Winnipeg masters are presented. And although Winnipeg is still a city, when you get here, for a date with a local Canadian woman or just for a tour, you begin to feel the vibes. All kinds of figurines made of wood and clay, many crafts made of a variety of materials, including paper, leather, fabrics are on display here. It is here, on the second floor of the Forks market, that you can buy a beautiful amulet or a memorable souvenir, which for a long time will store for you the spirit of the Canadian city and the smell of maple leaf.

The Church of St. Boniface is a Catholic cathedral located in the quarter of Saint-Boniface. The church appeared here a very long time ago – in 1818, and since that time has been the most beloved place of locals and visitors. But the Museum of St. Boniface is located in the oldest building, and it should also be visited, especially if you are planning a romantic dating session with a girl from Winnipeg.

There is a Concert Hall in Winnipeg. This is the most visited building in the city. Not a single tourist left the city without visiting this building or enjoying the performance of the Royal Ballet of Winnipeg. This is the oldest ballet that exists in North America and Winnipeg girls adore the performance. The troupe was founded in 1939.

The Royal Ballet of Winnipeg visited with its performances in Russia, and was incredibly warmly received by Russian viewers.

There are many wonderful parks in the city, but Assiniboine Park, which stretches along the channel of the river of the same name, is considered the best by the local women. In addition, it is the largest park located within the city in all of Central Canada. And it is famous for the fact that it contains 55 bronze sculptures created by skillful hands of local masters. A magnificent monument to the bear Winnie is located in this park. It is believed that it is she who is the prototype of the very Winnie the Pooh from the tale of Alexander Milne. In the park you can ride rollers or a bicycle, and in winter you can enjoy snowboard and toboggans while dating Winnipeg ladies. Another Winnipeg park is very popular – Mount Riding National Park. Here, in the real prairies, you can find bears, bison, wolves and moose. All of them feel great and are practically not afraid of visitors at all. You should not pass by the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which stores a little more than 12 thousand works. Not surprisingly, this museum is considered #7 in all of Canada. Here you can see the amazing works of the Eskimos, a collection of decorative and applied arts, a collection of photographs of old and new Winnipeg.

For lovers of entertainment and seasoned daters in Winnipeg there are a lot of beautiful places. For example, it was in Forks that the longest ice rink in the world was built. Winnipeg girls adore skating on this arena. Well, how not to ride here, in the very place that is rightfully included in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, here, almost very near the rink, the Plaza Park is located – a paradise for skateboard lovers. Make your personal encounters and dates filled with joy and euphoria in Winnipeg.


Vancouver dating pleasures – give your Canadian lady a taste of happy life

Vancouver is located in British Columbia County, at the southwestern tip of Canada on the Pacific coast. This is the largest city in the province and one of the main ports of North America. In addition, it is one of the most picturesque cities in the country. The central part of Vancouver is located at the foot of two majestic peaks – Mount Seymour and Hollyburn. 21 bridges were laid across numerous Vancouver rivers, three of which – Burard Bridge, Camby Bridge and Granville Bridge – are the drawn ones.

In the vicinity of Vancouver there are several ski resorts, the most popular among Vancouver dating fans is Whistler.

Vancouver International Airport is located in close proximity to the south of the city. It is the second busiest airport in Canada and an important transport hub in Western Canada. There are frequent flights from the airport to British Columbia, major cities in Canada and the USA, Asia and some cities in Europe, which makes dating Canadian women, and Vancouver girls in particular, a rather easy task, as far as the transportation is concerned.Vancouver dating charms

Vancouver is surrounded by 19 km of sandy beaches that start from Stanley Park and end on the other side of English Bay. The most popular are the beaches of Stanley Park, Kitsilano, Jericho, Spanish Banks, Locarno, Point Bay, River Beach, Acadia and Tower. In summer, the temperature of coastal waters does not rise above + 17 ° C, so the beaches are used by Vancouver daters mainly for romantic picnics. There are also swimming pools, showers and changing booths. The Sunshine Coast beach area is very popular northwest of Vancouver.

In Vancouver a number of educational institutions are located. Simon Fraser University’s main campus is at mountain top in Barnaby from where the breathtaking view of the city opens. With more than 32 thousand full-time students, SFU is recognized as the best university in Canada according to Macleans. The University of British Columbia is included into thirty of the best in the world and is the largest university of the western part of Canada. More than 51 thousand students study at the UBC main campus in the South Vancouver area, and among them – the most gorgeous Canadian girls. The Science World Center is a 47.5 meters spherical structure crowned with a dinosaur silhouette. Here a modern museum of science is located, whose visitors can independently walk inside, let out square soap bubbles or try to catch up with their own shadow when on a date. If you get tired of fighting your romantic battles on the Canadian soil, you can always try your luck in the neighboring US, say, the dating arena of Pennsylvania.

It is worth climbing the Harbour Center Tower, where a high-speed glass elevator will deliver you up or down in a matter of seconds. Is it worth saying that the view from the skyscraper is simply a mind-boggling Vancouver dating pleasure? Capilano Park is an ancient forest with many trails, Capilano Canyon, through which a long suspension bridge over 100 years old is laid, and there are also wonderful waterfalls. Trips to Stanley Park and its seaside embankment are also popular. It is worth examining the oldest quarter of the city – Gestown, the largest Chinese quarter in Canada, and Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park. Other attractions include: Van Dusen Garden, Japanese Nitob Garden, Krist Church Cathedral, Museum of Art, Vancouver Museum, Anthropological Museum, Centennial Museum and Maritime Museum. It is definitely worth making a trip to The Royal Hudson Steam Train, a copy of the train on which the royal dating couple traveled in Canada in 1938. During the two-hour trip travelers enjoy the views of the rocky coast and dense forests of British Columbia, the final stop is the Shannon Falls and the railway museum.


Brampton and Hamilton – two other cool cities for dating Canadian women

Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and the newest on its expanding dating landscape. It is a suburban city that sits to the west of Toronto and today has a major economic sector. In the past, Brampton’s main industry was the greenhouse industry, pegging it as ‘The Flower Town of Canada’.

Today, Brampton is a thriving city with many single Canadian girls, though it is not known as a tourist destination. Still, there is plenty to see and a lot of women to date in the city itself, as well as nearby, so it should not be overlooked. Brampton’s oldest park, Gage Park is open year-round and has been since 1904. The park is known for its circular walkway that, in the winter, is turned into a skating rink. Gage Park is a stunning park that features gazeboes (exceptionally handy for dating), a fountain, large trees and floral gardens. In the summer the pool and children’s play area are open, and it also hosts free evening concerts. Bramton girls adore the place and what it has to offer.

Skate along the trail in the winter, or jog, cycle or skate along it throughout the rest of the year. If you or your Canadian lady didn’t bring ice skates with you, you can rent them onsite. Great War Flying Museum is an aviation museum that makes and maintains replicas of World War I aircrafts. It is a not-for-profit museum, where members and volunteers are the ones that actually maintain the planes. Fokker Dr.I, Nieuport 28, Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a and Sopwith 1½ Strutter are just a few of the replicas that can be seen at the museum. In addition to the aircraft, the museum also houses a rare collection of uniforms of the period.

Also, at the Great War Flying Museum there is a collection of artefacts that tell the story of men involved in flying during World War I. There are also battle maps and rare instruments on display. Housed in a former government building, the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) is a gallery, a museum and an archives center. It is quite a large center, each part of it being located in a separate section. The art gallery section is split into two areas; one for its permanent collection and one for exhibitions. There are over 4000 works of art in the permanent collection, some of which were created by Bramptonians. There are around 125000 artefacts in the museum section of the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives that date from 4000 BC to today. The archives section houses municipal documents for the entire Region of Peel.

Hamilton is a historic port city in the Niagara Peninsula region of Ontario.

Brampton girl prepping for going on a date

It is wrapped around the western edges of Lake Ontario midway between Toronto and the US border. In the past, this growing city was quite industrial, known then as ‘Steeltown’. Today, Hamilton still has its industrialised area, though it also has a thriving art community, historic sites and a lovey waterfront frequented by many Hamilton girls looking for a date.

Hamilton is not on many tourists lists of places to go – there are numerous things to see and do in the city. Everything from shopping to outdoor recreation can be enjoyed while you are dating Canadian women. The city even has a lively nightlife scene.

The impressive Dundurn Castle is a neoclassical mansion that was built in the 1930s. It took four years to build the 1750 square meters mansion, which is located on York Boulevard.

Dundurn Castle was purchased by the city in 1900 and since then it has been open to the public. It is now also designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. It is a magnificent castle that is surrounded by stunning grounds and greenery. The Hamilton Military Museum is housed in a building on the grounds, as is the Cockpit Theatre. It is also a fantastic spot for a wedding ceremony or a long-remembered date with a single Hamilton woman.

There are around 35 military jets, propeller-driven aircraft and helicopters housed at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Basically, anything that was used by the Canadian military from World War II to today can be seen here. Many aircrafts at the museum still fly and you can book a romantic dating trip in one of them. If you have kids, there are some great things for them to do as well, including a weekend sleepover program.

There are over 100 waterfalls in the Niagara Escarpment, which is why Hamilton is sometimes pegged as ‘The City of Waterfalls’. Many of these are accessible via the famous Bruce Trail. Hamilton girls like it big time going there when they are in an uplifted mood.

Some of the most famous waterfalls in the area include the 18 meters Albion Falls, the 21 meters ribbon waterfall Tiffany Falls and Devil’s Punch Bowl – one of the tallest in the area. The most magnificent waterfall is the 32 meters wide – the Webster’s Falls. The Webster’s Falls is an attraction in its own right, home to dating picnic tables and surrounded by a conservation area. It is accessible by climbing down some stairs, leading you right to the base of it.