What is the biggest challenge faced by Russian brides?

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Many Russian women dating on niche international sites like russian4bride.com simply forget about the issues of immigration to another country when meeting their future spouses online.

They are looking for a partner, quite often not being fully aware that most likely they will need to relocate to a foreign land with its own language, culture and traditions. It becomes a concern only at a later stage, when the woman is already in love and the time is ripe to leave the Motherland for a better life abroad.

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Larisa Dobravchenko from the research agency “LK Glogal” had the following to say when asked about the subject: “See, very often these ladies are under the influence of what we call “fairy-tale expectations syndrome”, assuming that their life will become problems-free and rather easy the moment they leave the plane upon the arrival to the country of their destination. In some cases their expectations are reasonable, of course, but quite often they have to overcome and to get used to much more than they initially imagine.”

As a result, many Russian women arrive to their new countries not fully prepared for the new life ahead. However, this program is attended to in many countries, in various unique ways. For example, Finland offers the newly arrived immigrants to pass the mandatory language learning program, where immigrants also learn about the laws and traditions of their host land. This program is sponsored by the authorities, so the Finnish men are very lucky in this respect – they can have their Russian wives receive a free training course. The Australian government offers about the same language course that lasts for approximately 500 hours, but it is not a mandatory procedure. By contrast, no such programs exist in the US, though this particular country has excellent traditions of absorbing and assimilating immigrants, since it was founded by immigrants in the first place.


Internet dating - the same problem for Russian brides as IRL

According to the recent studies, more than a half of Russian brides meet their future husbands on international dating sites and, by and large, they tend to be equally unprepared for the issues they encounter due to immigration. However, English, for instance, is taught very well in Russian schools, so most ladies pick up on it relatively quickly upon their arrival, and some are fluent even before they board the plane. Russia has strong historical ties with the Western Europe, so many Russian ladies know quite a lot about the European history and culture. It takes time to assimilate in a foreign land for any immigrant, but Russian and Ukrainian ladies are probably the best candidates for this role.Russian lady on a bench

If you are a man of means you can always enroll your future wife  with special cultural acclimatization programs. More often than not though it will not be needed, the RF ladies are very capable and are real fast-learners.