Changes in dating patterns with age

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Is there any difference between dating at 20 and dating at 40? You bet. Many men stick to the “age-proven strategy” that requires looking presentable, playing the game of dating and landing dates with as many hot women as it is humanly possible.

smiling Russian girlAnd the time should come when they meet their dear soul mates whom they can settle for. Sounds about right?

Whether you are searching for hot Russians for a date or down-to-earth Swedish ladies, when you are in your twenties, you are exploring the world. You are not sure what you are supposed to expect in many cases, and you don’t know what you really need. It is a combination of audacious trials, bitter errors and astounding victories, and your inward desire is to keep finding women who will fall in love with the wonderful you the moment they lay their eyes on you.

Years have passed and you have gained a solid experience. Failed relationships have left certain traces or even scars on your mindset. Sometimes you were hurt or maybe disappointed, but you have kept looking. That’s actually how it should be, because abandoning all attempts at finding love is the worst mistake one can possibly make in his dating and mating endeavors.

You are likely to fall into the following categories:

Category 1: You are comfortable in your current bachelor status. You have convinced yourself that marriage is not “your thing”, you rely only on yourself and don’t fancy anyone at your side. There are various excuses and false agendas that your mind generates – “all good women have already been taken”, “I cherish my freedom”, “I have no time for a serious involvement right now”, “I haven’t met a single lady who fits my strict standards”.

Category 2: You are quite active on the dating market, but, time and again, something goes wrong. The same woman in a different body seems to be haunting you. You are rather generous, but you seem to be getting little or nothing in return. Your suspicion that you are “not made for this stuff” grows stronger day after day. You think about joining the Category 1 rather often now.

In reality you will need to apply a certain strategy in order to find an ideal partner who suits you to the uttermost. There are certain hurdles that await you on this path, certain difficulties that you will need to overcome. One needs a lot of persistence and strategy to build a business or a career. A great relationship is also something that requires thorough planning.


How to amend your dating patterns

If you had multiple failures in the past, you need to redefine your approach to dating and to the qualities you are looking for. Chances are you have been paying a lot of attention to the outward features – beauty, long legs, great breasts. We are not saying you should not pursue this agenda, but maybe you were too much into it, forgetting to evaluate the inward world of the person you were dealing with, let alone your compatibility?Belarus woman taking it easy

For instance, it is common among Belarus girls to look for self-reliant men who are aware of their self-worth. You may have some inner problems that stem from your negative experiences in the past. Maybe some traumas were inflicted on your character that you are barely aware of. There are many minute details that can play a crucial role in our dating life.

You need to fully understand your mental blocks and psychological limitations, you need to consciously fight them back, the demons of your past. They should not come into possession of your present, they should not reign in your today’s life. Otherwise, no matter how many new gorgeous young ladies you meet and how many pounds you burn in the gym, it will still be the new version of the old you. No need to step on the same rake twice.

However, don’t take us wrong – you don’t need to abandon who you really are. On the contrary, if you let your past go, if you cleanse your body and soul from your previous mistakes and/or transgressions, you will be able to find the true and authentic self – and only then you will be empowered to find the true love of your whole life.