The character of Russian women and the secrets of Russian female soul

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It would be a terrible exaggeration to claim that Russian women differ tremendously from Western women. However, there are also various demeaning and disparaging prejudices about Russian ladies that don't really have anything to do with reality. What do they love and adore to do? They also adore chatting, sometimes a lot, and they also love to be taken shopping.

They are only humans, with their own faults and their own weaknesses. However, it would be fair to indicate that quite many great Russian brides are rather docile and tolerate much more than their Western counterparts. At the same time, being your soul mate, not your competitor, many of them are known to be quite reliable.

Solve the mystery of the Russian female soulAnd it brings us to the subject of the mysterious Russian soul. We believe that it is largely an exaggeration and even a trademark, akin to borsch or vodka. But only the blind will not see that many well-educated Russian and Ukrainian women are usually very timid. A wife rarely voices her position openly if it does not coincide with that of her husband. It is viewed as impolite.

They don’t need to overstrain themselves to live a healthy life. Russian ladies eat much less of junk food and exercise much more than their Western “colleagues”. Nastya Petrova, a journalist from a local Novosibirsk newspaper, has glibly put it as follows: “We are expected by our men to be in a great shape, so wplayful bridee prefer to toe the line. The competition is fierce and it is hard to get back on track once you lose”.

For the record, we are not trying to impose on you the doctrine of “submissive, docile Russian women”. But the reality is such that they have to live in a certain social entourage, and its setting differs from the Western one tremendously. So much so that we can go even further to claim that Russian men are also different – they rely on their women much more. As a result, they often lose in a sound competition for females to the Westerners. Many Russian brides expect, say, an average Italian to demonstrate more gallantry and even chivalry than an average Russian.

Try to avoid misconceptions about Russian brides

However, the lack of self-esteem should not be taken for utter submissiveness. It is more close to the feeling of insecurity – when a person is insecure he or she may seem to be submissive, whereas it is not the case. Russian women certainly can fight for their rights when cornered and without a way out.

Contrary to some beliefs, many Russian women view their marriage to a Westerner as a certain act of liberation. It allows them to fully release their potential in a new, Western country with the liberal traditions that are many centuries old. The modern Russia is still a largely authoritarian and even wayward society repressing the rights of minorities and the rights of women. Russian brides primarily seek for stability and are ready to provide comfort and care to their husbands.

Also, they are trying to escape violence. Around 15 thousand Russian women are murdered by their husbands and lovers every year. It is very gruesome statistics. In the democratic USA, on the contrary, this figure does not exceed fifteen hundred murders per year, while the population of America is twice the number of the population of Russia.