Chemistry components and interaction techniques tips

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There is no way we can escape dealing with chemistry when it comes to dating, mating, marriage and relating to soul mates in general.

Slavic lady ready for personal interaction on www.russian4bride.comMost women will most likely agree with this statement as well, because women are especially sensitive when it comes to the matter of feelings and emotions. Women are the pivotal center of our emotional universe, the never-ending source of our immense pride and astringent suffering.

Chemistry is the cornerstone of marriage, and no marriage tips would hold any value if they don’t cover this essential component of our happy family life. However, it is also true that the concept of chemistry is just the very beginning of a rather long, bumpy but rewarding road to the family happiness. Chemistry among the humans of opposite sex, in its turn, is preceded by specific signals of communication that facilitate our liaison and make it more seamless.

Chemistry is just the initial confirmation of the suddenly born mutual interest between a man and a woman. This is the first indication that the signals they have been sending to each other have really worked and got the message across – I am interested in you. Flirting may ensue as a result, and the initial interest begins transforming into something bigger. When there is a feedback, a communication loop of sorts is established between the connecting individuals. In this respect, the word chemistry even loses its meaning to a certain degree, because a guy cannot actually know about any chemistry before his communication signal is noticed and responded to by the girl. Only when this circle of communication is completed between a man and a woman, can we really talk about the chemistry between them. Let’s go through the different ways a man can communicate his desire to develop communication with a woman.

First of all, and this should come as a no-brainer, there is teasing. When a man undertakes to leave no stone unturned to tease a lady he likes a lot, it is a very positive sign in and of itself. It indicates already that he is confident of himself, that he is a solid boyfriend material. One of the ways to tease a woman (not to harass, sic-sic) is to single out her most attractive quality and show her you are not impressed by this at all. You may consider your mission accomplished if she reacts and teases you back somehow, because it means that she has received your signal and has reacted to it in a certain manner. You are in and the game is on, have fun but don’t overdo it!

Sarcasm is also a way to attract attention, but it requires more energy. One of the ideas that comes to mind is the suggestion to test your sarcasm on her in an unusual aSeashore mermaidtmosphere – take her to a weird place like a zoo or a male ballet. If your sarcasm is reciprocated by the woman you are interested in, you can view this cake as baked, she has been lured by your irresistible charms.


Favorite signals and appealing male traits among Slavic women

Most beautiful Russian women and Slavic women in general aspire to have shared interests with the men they are dating. The saying “the opposites attract” has no underlying foundation at all, it is a lie, a bitter falsehood that has ruined a great many lives and seemingly happy or at least content couples. In fact, only shared interests can cement your fledgling union, and the lack of such common interests can only destroy your newly found love. Seek to develop your shared interests and pay a lot of attention to spending the time together with your bride of wife practicing them.

Breaking (but not a violation) of the physical space is the clearest signal that you can zoom in on the lady of your choice. Gently lay your hand on her back when you are helping her out of a room, touch her hand when leading her up the stairs. If she doesn’t withdraw and doesn’t flinch at your touch, which is a clear intrusion into her private space, you are off to a good start.

Eye contact is also a form of breaking the ice. It is a signal that you can send to probe the ground and check if you are welcome or your have encroached onto the enemy territory. If she smiles at you at this moment, you can congratulate yourself with the first mating success.