Communicating with Russian women

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Communicating with your charming Russian bride can be quite a challenge if she has a rather slim knowledge of English.

Slavic woman waiting for her loved oneHowever, even if it is the case, which is highly unlikely, because quite many young Russian women speak at least some English today, there are still ways to overcome this cumbersome barrier.

First of all, take the initiative into your own firm hands and write the first encouraging letter to her in Russian. For the ideal result you can hire a translator to render your letters into Russian, but these days Google Translate is also quite effective, and it is free of charge. When she receives the first letter from you in her native language, she will be probably the happiest woman on Earth – it means that you are capable of thinking about her various needs and taking a good care of her. She will also be able to understand your “inner workings”, inclinations, ambitions and the sense of humor much better this way. You can prepare the same template letter to send out to all the ladies you may be interested in, in order to save time. An individually written letter will do a much better job though.

If you send her a letter by email or by regular mail, it would be a good idea to include a few photos of yourself. Include at least one photo where you wear a suit and a tie – many Russian women are old-fashioned and are the proponents of former ways of introduction. If you don’t have a suit, a shirt with long sleeves and a tie will come in handy as well. Even if you are not an outstanding person when it comes to stunning looks, a professional photographer can do real wonders when he applies a sophisticated lighting background and uses top-notch equipment. All ladies love it when men smile, Russian ladies are no exception. Let your tender smile portray the deep feelings you harbor for your future bride.

Chances are that you will not receive a response straight away. It is unpleasant, of course, but it is not the end of the world – she may be busy at work, not in the right mood, having problems with her relatives and so forth. Don’t get discouraged, send her a second letter after a while. If she doesn’t respond, there are always other candidates you may want to consider. One of the reasons you should not fall in love with her right away – you know nothing about this person yet, so don’t rush at full steam ahead like a train without brakes. For all intents and purposes, right now all you have is her few pictures on an international dating site.

If you send her a letter by regular mail, it would be a smart move to include a return envelope. First of all, this way you will make sure she doesn’t make any mistake with your address when responding to you and, secondly, you will save her the trouble of going to buy an envelop if she doesn’t have one ready for the occasion at her home.

A mistake to avoid when corresponding with a Russian womanRussian fiancee

Many men make one and the same mistake when corresponding with new ladies. They assume that the deal is sealed and they have the Russian woman in their pocket, so they begin barraging her with personal questions. How many men have you had in your life? What is your income? How often do you like to have sex? Don’t do it! Of course you may ask some questions, even the ones bordering on getting personal, but better wait for a meeting in real life, when she will feel more comfortable to respond. Anyway, she will tell you what she feels you may want to know herself, if she is not telling you something right away, it means she doesn’t feel comfortable about the subject and there is no need to press with the matter any further at the moment. Be cautious in your correspondence if you plan to meet Russian women in real life.