How to begin dating Russian women of a better quality?

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There is one particular moment in the initial online communication with Russian (and Ukrainian, Belorussian and other Eastern European) women on international dating sites that is almost completely overlooked by many Western men eager to find a bride in the Eastern Europe, and particularly in Russia.

A smiling Slavic brideAs a result, their expensive voyage to the other part of the planet may end up in a dismal disaster, wasted money and efforts. And when the desolate males try to analyze what has happened they are completely at a loss, unable to understand the reasons of this utter failure. Intrigued? Without further ado, let’s investigate.

Let’s cut down straight to the matter – Russia is a very fashion-conscious country. Yes, it is the clothes and shoes you wear, as simple as that! This feature may seem extremely superficial and even shallow, to a certain extent, but women do pay a lot of attention to what men wear. It is especially true when it comes to the Russian brides and their worldview.

When dating Russian women online, try to do your best to look sharp and to wear appealing clothes. They don’t necessarily have to be Hugoboss (though they adore the brand!) or something similar, but they should be stylish, up-to-date and clean. Sloppy-looking and ugly-dressing men is the last thing on the minds of demanding Slavic ladies! Many of them probably make a grave mistake, but they do judge the males by how crisp their clothes look like and how well-polished are their shoes. However, if you break this initial ice, you will never regret it. Once a Russian woman opens her heart to you, you will be hooked forever, we guarantee you this sensational experience. Of course,a Russian woman looking for love there is absolutely no need to turn into a “fashion fascist” trying to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. No woman in her sound mind will expect this from you. You can find more information about Russian women right here.

More details on the appearance to win the heart of a Russian lady

We have prepared a short list of must-wears and must-dos for you when it comes to your appearance both for you profile pictures and for your date in the real life. So, off we go!

  • A neat tie and an appealing suit are a must for your profile picture if you want to attract the attention of a Slavic girl;
  • You torso in the profile photos should be covered at all times, try to avoid wearing shorts. Russian women will not feel great about you even if you are an athlete of you place a half-naked picture in your profile;
  • Tattoes in Russia are still mainly associated with former prisoners. Earrings are largely perceived as a part of the gated gay community. So, if it is possible, try to avoid those two;
  • Your clothes should be new or almost new for a better impression. Formal clothes do the best for the occasion, but the smart casual style can also be recommended if you prefer it;
  • Don’t forget to take the shower regularly – they adore men with the exceptional personal hygiene. Your body should be as fresh as the morning sun. Also use expensive deodorants – it would be a good idea to tentatively figure out what scents she likes the most.