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Pennsylvania is a sprawling state in the northeastern area of the United States. Its total area comes up to 118.7 thousand square km, 12.7 million of dating-conscious people live here (this is the 7th place in the United States in terms of the overall population). It was formed on December 12, 1787, becoming the second state in the grand history of the United States.

The state of Pennsylvania – a vast dating arena for singles looking for Pennsylvania women

The name of this dating-aware state comes from the Latin Penn Sylvania, which actually means "Penn Land and Forests." It was no coincidence that the state received this tricky name: in 1681, King Charles II of England bestowed the lands that are now part of modern Pennsylvania to the dexterous and ambitious Quaker William Penn. Dating women at this time was quite a challenge if you were poor, but the rich folks had all the women they needed for dating, marriage and much more. This gift was thanks to A woman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before going out for a dateWilliam's father - Admiral Penn (and the generous repayment of the king's debt to him), in whose honor the colony was named. At first, it was a refuge for Quakers and other believers ruthlessly persecuted for their faith. The name of the state of Philadelphia is also tentatively associated with the honorable name of William Penn, who was a keen dater of Pennsylvania women at the time. In ancient Greek, this word actually means "City of Brotherly Love" - it was built by him specifically for law and god-abiding Protestants, who didn’t care that much about dating Pennsylvania girls but about their faith and everything related to it. Single women didn’t have a lot of venues they could visit for meaningful mating back then.

The capital of Pennsylvania is the city of Harrisburg, located in the southeast of this enormous, gargantuan state. 172 km to the West is the largest city in the state and the fifth largest in the United States - Philadelphia. Pennsylvania's second big city is located in the east of the state - Pittsburgh. It is quite possible Pittsburgh would not have ever turned out to be such a sprawling city if mineral reserves hadn't been found in the vicinity of this blessed, vibrantly seductive city. Today it is not only a large center for their extraction, but also a developing industrial city. Thanks to plentiful coal deposits, Pennsylvania is also called, and for the well-deserved reason, a coal state.

Pennsylvania is, by and large, the first state in the United States. And although historically it turned out to be the second, it was here that the first newspaper was published (dating ads of single men looking for single women were popular even back then, - oh, those Personals), the first sugar factory was built, the first bank was opened, the first university, the first social hospital, the first ship was launched. Pennsylvania was the first among the North American states to pass a law on the release of slaves - in 1791. Since then, the state official motto is Virtue, Liberty and Independence, and its unofficial name is Independence State.


Nature and climate of the state and how it affects dating Pennsylvania women

The climate of Pennsylvania is so diverse that during a trip around it on gets the impression that huge distances are covered. This is due to the features of the terrain: the height difference in Pennsylvania is about a mile - from southwest to northeast, the Appalachian Mountains Pass through the state, and in the north-west there is the Allegheny plateau. The Delaware, Susquehanna and Allegany rivers flow in the valleys, and the state also owns part of the coast of Lake Erie. Most local seasoned men prefer dating Pennsylvania women online, but casual encounters with local girls in bars, restaurants and theaters are also a well-known option.

It has a temperate and somewhat continental climate with hot, humid summers and rather cool winters – most Pennsylvania girls don’t appreciate such cold weather when it comes to dating outdoors. Ocean subtropics appear in the southeast, while in mountainous regions the climate is tougher and snowfalls are frequent in the winter.

The average annual air temperature in Pennsylvania is + 11 ° C, which is not so bad due to the fact that the territory is located close to the Atlantic Ocean. Local residents are used to tornadoes most often occurring in spring and summer. About 10-15 tornadoes can happen per year. Have you ever dated a lady close to a tornado? Go to Pennsylvania and win the hearts of local women during this new dating experience.


Like most US states, Pennsylvania has its own symbols: it is a Pennsylvania firefly, a white-tailed Virginia deer, collar grouse, a German dog, as well as an evergreen coniferous Canadian tree and a mountain laurel flower. The colors of the state are blue and gold respectively. When in a bar or a restaurant, the local females and males alike adore sparkling off a relationship while dancing polka.

Dating with style - Pennsylvania entertainment and attractions

Pennsylvania is rightfully considered the cultural mecca of the East Coast of the United States. There are many world-class museums (one of the best places for the singles looking for a soul mate), and its dwellers are a mixture of cultures, ethnic groups, religions and customs. Most of the state's cultural values and attractions are located in large cities - Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. So, in Pittsburgh there is the famous Carnegie Institute, on the territory of which the Museum of Natural Science (again, the right spot to bring a woman for a date), the Art Museum and the library. There are also two universities in the city where the local residents find their first love and maybe even their future wives.


Where to find the best dating experiences and the most classy women in Philadelphia?

We must not forget about one of the oldest cities in the United States which used to be the capital of dating - Philadelphia. This city is directly connected with the most important events in the history of the country at the time of its formation: it was here that the Declaration of Independence and the first US Constitution were adopted. Twice Philadelphia was the capital of the United States. Many Philadelphia women are patriotic about the past of their homeland and will gladly talk with you about it.


Philadelphia's main attractions where one can go for a meaningful date with a voluptuous Philly lady:


Hall of Independence, remembering the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776;

  • The convention room where the famous Bill of Rights was signed;
  • Franklin Court Museum - Benjamin Franklin's house and office;
  • The building of the municipality of the late XIX century,
  • Museum of Fine Art,
  • Academy of Music, in which world stars performed at one time and many single women and men found their fate and love - Chaliapin and Caruso,
  • The homes of Edgar Allan Poe and Betsy Ross,

The famous Fairmont Park (38 sq. km) is one of the largest parks in the world, on the territory of which, in addition to green spaces, there are a large numbers of cultural and public buildings. Needless to say, it is a perfect location for pursuing nuptial and even casual dating agendas with Philadelphia girls.

In Philadelphia it is forbidden to build skyscrapers. Here they prefer to live in mansions - hence the saying "As in the best houses of Philadelphia" was coined. And the reason for this was the old rule: not a single building can officially be higher than the tower of William Penn, or rather, higher than the hat on his statue.

In the vicinity of Philadelphia, you can visit the historical village of Old Bedford, in which 41 buildings of the era of development of the region by Europeans have been carefully preserved. Nearby are the old Lackawanna coal mine (77 m deep) turned into a museum and the Valley Forge National Historical Park - one of the shrines of the American Revolution. Fans of American history can also go for dating Philadelphia women in the Gettysburg National Military Park as the site of the most important battles of the independence struggle of 1862 and Eisenhower National Historical Park - the home and farm of President Dwight D. Eisenhower near Gettysburg Field.

Among the state's natural attractions are the picturesque Fallingwater Falls, the 82-kilometer Pennsylvania Grand Canyon up to 301 m deep, formed by Pine Creek, Point State Park Fontaine, where the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers gives birth to one of the largest mainland rivers - Ohio, as well as the mountains of Pocono and Endless Mountains - 6223 km² of beautiful landscapes. To put it in simple terms – if you are a single man and are eager to date Philadelphia women – the museums and the parks are the best areas for this activity.Pittsburgh woman before a dating spree in Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh (Pittsburg) women and where to date them

The first European to find himself in these places was the French merchant and indomitable explorer La Salle, and this happened in 1668. The strategic importance of this place on three rivers aroused increased interest in the first settlement from the British, French and, in fact, indigenous Indians. Yes, the first Pittsburg women who went on a date at this place were Indian girls. Several forts were built during the French and Indian Wars, and the city was named after one of them - the British Fort Pitt. At the beginning of the 19th century, industry began to develop in Pittsburgh, and during the Civil War it was even called the "Arms Union." By the end of the 19th century, Pittsburgh received a new nickname - "the city of steel." It took the character of steel to meet single Pittsburgh girls back then.

In 1893, Andrew Carnegie founded his steel company here, which became the largest corporation of its kind in the world and made the founder a very rich man. Thanks to Carnegie, museums, a library and a university appeared in Pittsburg, and many other industrial companies that founded their headquarters here contributed to the further cultural and economic prosperity. Most Philadelphia men considered it to be a privilege to date a woman from Pittsburg.

In Pittsburg you can see so many amazing architectural masterpieces that it can be difficult for a visitor to decide where to go first and where to invite a single Pittsburg lady. Their lion's share is located in downtown, but other areas are rich in ancient houses and churches where local single women like to go and ask the Lord for mercy and a caring husband. This is, for example, a majestic county courthouse and prison with a tall rectangular tower, similar to a medieval castle. You can admire city skyscrapers - for example, the tower of Yu. S. Steele, the tallest building in Pittsburg. The Alcoa Building (also known as the Regional Enterprises Tower) on 6th Avenue was the first in the world to be built entirely of aluminum (1954). Also interesting are older commercial buildings - the richly decorated Frick Building on Grant Street, built in 1902, the Coppers Tower building, made in the Art Deco style, the magnificent Union Trust building in the Flemish-Gothic style, built in 1916.

3 Things to Do in Pittsburg when dating a local woman:

Be sure to ride the funicular to the top of Mount Washington for a wonderful view of the city together with your soul mate.

Take a ride on the Fort Pitt Road Bridge for an excellent view of downtown – it is a romantic venue any Pittsburg woman will kill for.

Visit the unusual museum "ToonSeum" on Liberty Avenue - one of the few in the country dedicated exclusively to the creation of cartoons.

After getting out of downtown, it's worth visiting the university district and exploring at least one campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Towering over the campus is the imposing Cathedral of Learning, a 42-story skyscraper built in the Gothic Revival style. This is the symbolic heart of the university, the tallest building of an educational institution in the Western Hemisphere. Pittsburg women adore looking at the magnificent views below from its heights. Its construction began in 1927 and was completed 9 years later, and today the cathedral is visible from almost everywhere in Pittsburg. The Heinz Memorial Chapel, which is located on the territory of the cathedral, is also very beautiful. It was built with funds allocated by the same Heinz (ketchup magnate), in the French-Gothic style. The chapel is decorated with 24 amazing stained glass windows from which you can observe the surroundings together with your Pittsburg girl and soul mate. For even more dating fun you can visit the neighboring country and date women in Edmonton, Winnipeg or Vancouver — the Canadian girls are well-known for their good looks and great manners.

Harrisburg dating encounter - Pennsylvania women of your dreams

A few places Harrisburg women will adore visiting when on a date with you

The Pennsylvania State Capitol in its current incarnation is located in Harrisburg, the state capital. It is the seat of the General Assembly, which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The current Capitol building was built in 1907 by architect Joseph Miller Houston. President Theodore Roosevelt at the opening ceremony called the new Capitol the most beautiful building in the world. All Harrisburg women take pride in this fantastic building and they will be happy to meet you near it when you invite them for a date or just a friendly chit-chat or dinner.

The granite facade of the Capitol is made of stone specially imported from Vermont. The huge dome of the Capitol resembles the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican. It is crowned by a gilded statue of the Commonwealth, which was recently under restoration. Massive bronze doors adorn the scenes of key events in the state of Pennsylvania. Some details of the magnificent exterior were added later – for example, the statues of "Love” and "Labor Force" at the entrance to the building. Imagine meeting a Harrisburg girl for a date beside the statue of Love!

Many of the interior halls are made in the style of the Italian and French Renaissance, decorated with rich frescoes and stained glass windows by famous artists. The Chamber of the Supreme Court is made using ancient Greek and Roman motifs. An important exhibit of the Capitol is a collection of Civil War flags, specially protected by the special committee for the preservation of the Capitol as a monument.

To make the long story short, if you plan to go on a date with a woman from Harrisburg – take her to a place of cultural heritage to ensure an indelible impression. No Harrisburg lady will turn a blind eye to you after such a romantic evening.