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A few words about Texas – the state of seasoned daters and gorgeous girls

Texas - the second largest and most populous state in the United States, plays a huge role in the development of agriculture and cattle outstanding breeding in America, in addition, it is an important industrial and economic center. And it goes without saying that Texas dating arena is rather vibrant. Austin is the capital of this sprawling, unique state positioned on the Mexican border. If you plan dating a Texas woman you need to learn a little bit about the state history and about what makes this vast piece of land in the US so special.

If you fancy traveling around Texas by car, remember that you probably should not hope for luck and always need to have a solid supply of gasoline with you, don’t count on Texas women to provide that for you. You should observe the speed limit next to any settlements – it is really strictly monitored. Some parts of Texas are leading the American Accident Statistics, so be careful and watch out for road signs even if your gorgeous Texas lady beside you has other, more naughty plans. In Texas, there are several large ports at which passenger ships arrive – in Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Beaumont and Brownsville.

Texas lies in two climatic zones. In the south of the state, along the coast, a hot subtropical climate prevails, and in the central part and in the north the climate is largely continental, with an average winter temperature of + 2 ° C to + 16 ° C and an average summer temperature of + 24 ° C to + 32 ° C. The western part of the state is rather arid, in the center of it there are often tornadoes, and tropical rains sometimes occur on the coast. To move around the state, it is quite convenient to use Greyhound buses, Amtrak trains or the services of any of the large and local airlines serving airports – that is, if you are moving alone, without a Texas girl you are dating now.


Texas cuisine – the way to a girl’s heart lies through her stomach

Texas women adore savoring a healthy dish. Barbecue is an important part of the diet of any true Texan. In addition to the usual recipes for all of America, Texas has several of its own. Chili is also considered an official dish: here you and your girl can try many varieties of this dish, including the real original Texas chili, which is cooked without beans.

Texas girl looking for some dating funTex-Mex is a separate kitchen you may enjoy when on a date, born from a combination of Texas and Mexican culinary traditions. Chicken steaks are another highly popular dish in Texas. They are prepared from chicken, sprinkled with bread and fried in oil, as a rule, served with spicy sauce, mashed potatoes and beans. In addition, several popular beers are produced in Texas, including Shiner Bock, the state's sales record holder, and Lone Star Beer, considered the "national beer of Texas." But don’t let your Texas maiden get loaded – it may ruin the evening.


Entertaining your Texas girls – the places of interest

The King Ranch truly is the largest ranch in the state, located on the shiny Gulf Coast. El Paso, the largest and the most populated city on the border with Mexico, is a hotbed of Spanish culture throughout America. Nature lovers should visit the beautiful Big Bend National Park, through which the magnificent Rio Grande River flows. many representatives of the Texas fauna can be seen in the nearby park, and at the west entrance is the ghost town of Terlingua, where the wonderful Chili Festival is held annually – Texas girls adore this location.

Texas also has Guadalupe National Park, which contains Guadalupe Peak – the highest point in the state, McChitrick Canyon and a beautiful oasis. In addition, Hill Country, huge fields with many field flowers and a cattle ranch, and Palo Duro Canyon, the state's second largest canyon, are quite interesting.


Austin dating culture and venues

Austin is the main vibrant city of Texas with a huge population of one million people and the second largest state capital in the country. It houses the main university of the state, the political, technological and musical heart of the state. Dating Austin women is sheer fun and immense pleasure. Here they like to call the city "the world capital of live music" and glue stickers with the slogan "keep Austin strange" on bumpers. Finally, so many high-tech companies work here that the city is sometimes called the "Silicon Hills".

The most non-template museum of the city is the open HOPE gallery on the corner of Baylor and 11 streets. Actually, the gallery is just concrete walls without a ceiling, left from a once-upon-a-time attempt to build a condominium here.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is located 9 km southwest of the city center and receives flights of most of the main carriers on 51 direct routes. You can also get to the city by train "Amtrak" on the Texas Eagle branch of Chicago – San Antonio. Flight buses of many companies leave for the city from San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Mexico.


Austin sightseeing and leisure activity places – take your date by surprise

Austin dating arena is huge. In order to somehow navigate in interesting places of the city with your Austin beau, it is absolutely necessary to understand in advance which area you are heading for. First of all, you can start with the university part of the city, where tourists will have enough entertainment for the whole day.

The University of Texas and Drag occupy an entire separate area, and not surprisingly: the university is one of the five largest campuses in the country. A large section of Gudalupe Street runs along the western border of the campus and is called “drag” among the locals. There are many excellent places for shopping and gastronomic adventures, something that Austin women appreciate immensely.

And there are enough places on campus for adventures of a different kind. There is the Blanton Art Museum with a large permanent collection of European art with masterpieces by Rubens-level masters, as well as expositions by American and Latin American authors. There is also the Harry Ransom Center, which has a collection of restored cultural artifacts, including rare editions, manuscripts, photos, films and art objects. There is the Neil Cochrane House, built in 1855 in the Greek Renaissance style, one of the most important architectural attractions in the city many Austin girls you are dating will simply adore. There are also the Presidential Library and the Lyndon Johnson Museum, as well as the Texas Memorial Museum in the exhibition hall of the Texas Natural History Center, where there is, among other things, a paleontological laboratory. Finally, there is the University Tower with a height of more than 91 m, built in 1936.

On the campus of the University of Texas, you and your Texas squeeze can find many street art objects, among which there are real legends. For example, a portrait of Bob Dylan by El Federico; the huge film "Film History," the psychedelic landscape of the city in the Renaissance Market and, of course, the famous alien frog "Hello, How to Do" – the work of the local cult character Daniel Johnston.

Downtown also has plenty of interesting places. First of all, visit the Austin Art Museum, where you and your Austin demoiselle can get acquainted with art of the 20th century. History lovers may like the Bob Ballock Texas State Museum, very cute and with rich displays. For more than 30 years, the Women and Their Work Gallery has opened more and more new exhibitions of contemporary women artists living and working in Texas and beyond.Dating in Dallas, Texas, no regrets

Austin East is home to the French Government Museum. The building was built in 1842, after the French king Louis Philippe officially recognized the Republic of Texas as independent and ordered the creation of a self-government here. The historic building with a kitchen and a garage for crews is open for visiting, and group excursions (according to the schedule) pass through it. And in the beautiful garden area around the building, the Austin French Alliance organizes seasonal Sunday petanka competitions.

Another specific attraction of East Austin for dating couples is the Moonlight Towers. According to legend, these 50-meter towers were built in 1893 in order to illuminate the area terrorized by a serial killer.

At the end of the 19th century Austin also received a romantic name – "Purple Crown." Until now, opinions differ on where such a name came from. The most common link it to the atmospheric effect that can be observed in the hills during winter sunset.

Austin South is basically all that is located south of Lady Bird Lake. The main street here is Riverside, which runs parallel to the Colorado River. Moving east at the end of the day, you will see an Austin version of Mexican nightlife: East Riverside is the main competitor to the famous downtown Sixth Street. And in the daylight there are many Mexican and Chinese eateries with inexpensive and tasty food your Texas women will surely enjoy. One block north of Riverside is the Mexican flea market (open on weekends).

The famous writer O. Henry lived in Austin for less than two years, from 1894 to 1896. One way or another, in a pretty cottage built in 1886, which the future writer rented with his wife and daughter, a museum has been opened since 1935. There are many historical items, some Porter family furniture and personal belongings.


Three things you may consider doing in Austin when on a date with a Texas lady

Climb to the viewing platform of the University Tower and then go with your Austin girl you are dating to the cafe "Cactus" on campus. The cafe is famous for live music.

See the "Garbage Cathedral" in Austin South, an art installation in the backyard of a certain Vince Hannemann.

Observe the world's largest urban bat colony. More than 1.4 million mice live under the Ann Richards Bridge (Congress Avenue), but you can only see them in the summer: in winter they migrate to Mexico.


San Antonio dating arena – show the women who is in charge here

San Antonio, the second biggest, dynamic city in Texas, is visited annually by more than 27 million people, many of these folks come here for some cool dating experiences. Museums of art, historical buildings, many amusement parks, a lot of good restaurants attract tourists here. Here downtown can be called one of the most lively in the whole country. And besides, the presence of Spanish and Mexican cultures is not so pronounced in any city in Texas as here. The Spanish atmosphere makes San Antonio a truly unique city for the United States – with daytime siesta, traditional street food and annual Latin noisy and fun holidays all Texan ladies surely like a lot.

Going for a romantic encounter with a lassie in San Antonio? First – you need to get there. San Antonio International Airport receives flights of about 32 destinations, including foreign ones. Amtrack trains come here from Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans.


A little bit of the city history

San Antonio is considered the cradle of Texas freedom. One of the most famous local attractions is the Alamo, the place where the famous battle took place in 1836, in which Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie died. In 1719, the first Catholic Spanish mission was founded here, and over time San Antonio became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas. True, during the Mexican War, the population of the city fell sharply, but immigrants continued to strive for a better living, so the development of the city did not slow down too much. And its population is still growing, and more than half of the local San Antonio girls are Spanish-speaking.


Places to see and venues to visit when dating women in San Antonio

The San Fernando Cathedral, one of the oldest in the United States, was built in the mid-18th century, and so far fragments of the original structure form part of the current building. In 1867, the cathedral acquired Gothic features, including the current nave. The cathedral acquired stunning stained glass windows in 1921. Now it is a beautiful symmetrical building with two paired rectangular bell towers and a traditional rosette window in the center your Texas bimbo you are dating will surely appreciate.

Dallas female expecting a dating dinnerAnother old and beautiful city building is the Bexar County Courthouse, which is located not far from the cathedral, at Main Plaza. This terracotta building was built in the Romanesque revival style mainly of sandstone. The construction was completed in 1897. For many decades, the Main Plaza view with the cathedral and court has been a typical postcard adored by San Antonio women.

River Promenade (aka Paseo del Rio) is the best place to relax at with your girl during the day and party at night. Here you can go on an excursion with a guide on barges that depart on schedule. Along the river on both sides there are numerous restaurants, shops and hotels. The eastern part of the promenade continues with the conference center and the mall "Rivercentre."

Aztec-on-the-River is located on the embankment, on the corner of East Commerce and North St. Mary Streets. This is one of the most attractive places for entertainment on the entire river promenade. The old 1927 cinema was restored and equipped with a magnificent Würlitzer organ. Today it is the only surviving theme theater in Texas.

San Antonio proudly declares that it was here that the chili was invented. A new dish was presented for trial by Americans at the Columbia Exposition in Chicago in 1894. And it was in this city that Chitos appeared.

The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) is a couple of blocks from Broadway, and if you and your Texan crush have time to visit only one museum in the city –  let it be. There are four floors of excellent permanent exhibitions, from ancient and Asian art to the present. The Blue Star Center for Contemporary Art is part of the art complex, a non-profit center created for the growth and development of modern artists. The Buckhorn Salon and Museum is located two blocks from the Alamo and 14 m from the river promenade.

The Institute of Texas Cultures occupies a one-story building with a museum dedicated to the history of the state and more than 22 national and ethnic groups that inhabit it. And at the Mexican Institute, objects of contemporary art from Mexico are exhibited. The Alameda Museum, which is on the market square, is also associated with Latin American culture: art objects, historical and cultural artifacts are on display here. The Marion Kugler McNay Museum of Art is also curious, and in the Witte Museum you can see exhibitions dedicated to natural history, dinosaurs and the development of science.

The King William Historic Zone covers 26 blocks south of downtown and east of the San Antonio River. At the end of the 19th century, German merchants founded this area, making it the most expensive and elegant of the residential areas of the city. King William became the first historic district of the state. There are stunning mansions (from Beauregard Street to Gunther Street). Do not miss the Steves House (1876), Gunther House (1859) and the Pioneer Flour Mill on Gunter Street. On the first Friday of each month, live music is heard here and many small shops open, selling everything in the world from flowers and art objects to round muffins – this is a must-go-to place when dating the local girls.

The San Antonio Mission National Historical Park is dedicated primarily to four Spanish missions: San Jose, San Juan, Espada and Concepcion. They consistently lined up along the Spanish southwestern territories in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and have survived to this day. In the National Park, opened in 1977, cultural objects are combined with natural zones.


The historical park of Cassa Navarro, the birthplace of Jose Antonio Navarro, a Texas fighter for independence from Mexico of the 19th century, is a house museum. Here you and you Texas girlfriend can see the original furniture and the atmosphere of that time.

The San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium covers an area of ​ ​ 55 acres. They are home to more than 3,400 animals of 740 different species.

Fiesta takes place every year at the end of April. This 10-days multicultural celebration captures the whole city. Here guests are waiting for a lot of family entertainment – the total number of events goes over 99, making fiesta the largest holiday in Texas. One of the most fun events of the fiesta is Oysterbake, which takes place on the campus of St. Mary's University. A lot of food (chicken on a stick, fried oysters, corn, pizza), live music, all kinds of productions and shows – this is what Oysterbake is on Friday (a more peaceful part for families) and on Saturday (a noisy and stormy part for Texan dating and mating singles and fun companies).

Every year, San Antonio also hosts runoff shows and rodeos. In early February, you can see a world-class rodeo, listen to country music and participate in an entertainment program for all ages. And in the second week of June, the city hosts a four-day Texas Folklore Festival. About fifty different cultural and ethnic groups demonstrate their skills, dance, play their music, prepare food and tell stories – a perfectly staged arena for wooing Texan brides.


Dating and Dallas – the synonyms of mating bliss?

Dallas is a dynamic city in the United States located in northeastern Texas on the huge Trinity River, the busy administrative center of the well-known county of the same name. Together with Fort Worth and other notable cities of this agglomeration (Arlington, Duncanville, Garland, Denton, Irving, Mesquite and Plaino), it makes up the large Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis, which is duly considered the first most populous city in the whole Texas and 9th in the USA. Dating Dallas women is a rather appealing undertaking because of their sweet character and fantastic appearance.


Dallas transportation – crucial for dating pros

Dallas public transport – Area Rapid Transit (DART) – oversees bus and rail routes and dedicated lanes for cars. This company launched high-speed trams in 1995, and since then lines and routes have been increasing.

There are two tram lines in the city. The red branch runs from southern Dallas through the center towards the northern suburbs – Richardson and Plano. A blue branch runs from southern Dallas through the center towards the suburbs of Garland. Branches run parallel for several miles. In the area of ​ ​ their intersection is the only underground Citiplace tram station in the southwestern United States. "Light rail" transport runs in many tourist places in the city center. Buses run almost everywhere, but, as a rule, several transfers are required, and this type of movement is the slowest.

Actually, to be fair, there are two major types of sold tickets: either for almost two hours (from 2.60 USD), or for the whole day (about 6 USD) - this is by far more profitable, since you, more often than not, have to make quick, unrestrained transfers to other needed routes when you have several dating meetups. Most buses and city rail operate from 5 a.m. well into midnight. During peak and even rush hours, demanding controllers can check the passengers’ tickets. The most convenient and easy way to travel around the city is a rented car and taxi, for instance, Dallas Taxi or Dallas Yellow Cab – that is, if you are eager to produce a favorable impression on the local women.Austin woman going on a date in Texas


Dallas restaurants and cuisine – Texas females adore romantic eateries

Dallas is known for its hot barbecue and "tex-mex" – regional American cuisine. Dallas girls like to eat delicious, yummy and healthy food, so there is a huge number of cafes and restaurants in the city, in which everyone will find what they like. Blue Mesa Grill owners Jim and Liz Barons prefer local farms and manufacturers, so the products here are always "fresh from the oven" and genuinely tasty. Every Wednesday, from 11:00 to 14:00, sensational enchiladas from local chickens and goat cheese wrapped in tortilla are served here.

The main concept of The Garden Cafe restaurant – products are grown right in the garden: corn, green beans, carrots, potatoes and greens. The average cost of the dish is 15 USD. The best order in Amore Cafe is air hot cannelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese, beef mince and spinach – a pure dating delicacy.

Toni's is a family restaurant on the lake, loved by the local women. Parents order fettucini alfredo or spaghetti bolognese (9.95 USD), and children under 12 years old will receive a piece of raw dough to play with it while they wait for their portion of pizza.


Entertain your Dallas cutie

The Dallas Zoo is home to about 386 species of animals. Of these, 82 are African, including anteaters and tapirs, and a giraffe meets guests at the entrance to the zoo.


The Dallas World Aquarium features many aquatic inhabitants: rare manatees, as well as jellyfish, octopuses, a variety of fish, crocodiles, sharks, and many others. Address: Dallas, 1801 N. Griffin St., West End. Working hours - from 9:00 to 17:00, ticket price from 15 to 21 USD, detailed information about exhibitions and prices on the aquarium website (English).

Six Flags Over Texas is a park with a hundred attractions most Dallas girls will find rather pleasant, among them a lot of family shows and entertainment for children. Glow In The Park hosts light and sound shows. Mode of operation: summer - daily, spring and autumn - only on weekends.

The Arboretum and Botanical Garden are 65 hectares of gardens and groves that will impress any dating couple. It hosts outdoor concerts, festivals and training events. Opening hours: daily 10:00 - 17:00. The Dallas Art Museum presents about 24000 works of art from antiquity to the present day. Among other things, the museum has the works of Eduard Manet and Paul Gauguin.