Divorce rates among online dating couples in Russia, in Ukraine and in the West

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Internet is rapidly moving to occupy an increasingly important part in everyday life or ordinary Russian and Ukrainian women.

An expectant Russian ladyThey turn to online dating more and more often, because it promises boundless opportunities to reach high goals in their personal lives. They don’t date just men in Russia or in Ukraine, many of these potential brides are also drawn to foreign men, including after the divorce.

Families are forged as a result of the new online dating of Russian and Ukrainian women both with Russian and foreign men. It should be mentioned here that it is extremely hard for a lonely Slavic woman to find a husband after she turns 30 years old. The local traditions are such that not many men will be willing to marry such an “old” wife. It is ridiculous, of course, but it also opens up appealing opportunities to the Western men seeking for a bride in the Russian Federation or in Ukraine.

The divorce rate both for Russia and Ukraine among the couples who met on online dating sites is devastating – over 5 divorces per 1000 married citizens. The statistics in the Western Europe for international couples who met online are way more favorable – around 2 divorces per 1000 people. In many Slavic countries the family abuse of spouses is rampant, which breaks even more families. It goes without saying that this issue persists in the West as well, however, it is less noticeable, and the issue is carefully attended to by the local municipalities.

Many experts point out that the main reason for such a high rate of divorces in Russia and in Ukraine is rooted in premature marriages. It simply means that many women, irrespective of whether they met on a dating site or in real life, get married before they have reached all other essential goals for forming a successful family, such as the financial stability, a more sophisticated worldview and so forth. Alooking for adventuresnd family matters consume quite a lot of time, many young people are simply not ready to face the demands imposed on their life style by family obligations.

Attitude of Russian and Ukrainian women to divorce

They view divorce as something abominable, but sometimes they are simply forced to do it in order to be able to continue with their lives, to rise above the horrifying circumstances of their daily existence.

Divorce is more popular among the women living in big cities, Russia and Ukraine are no exception in this regard. Women living in vibrant megalopolises tend to be more westernized. It brings the subject of feminism to their agenda, and such women don’t take the abuse, infidelity or boozing of their husbands lightly. By contrast, the women residing in rural areas are more forgiving, many are afraid to leave their dismal spouses simply because they don’t work anywhere and would not be able to feed their children. “Yes, I know he is cheating on me with a younger woman, but at least he is not drinking every day and gives me money to buy the groceries!” says Elena L., 24, who was delivered to a rural hospital of Svetogorsk after a concussion she suffered in a brawl with her husband. Such attitudes, however weird they may seem, are quite a common occurrence in the modern, 21st century Russia and Ukraine.

So, it should not come as a big surprise that many young Slavic women want to get out of this misery and to look for happiness in the Western Europe or in the United States. Canada and Australia are also quite popular among the Eastern European ladies who have gone through the hard ordeal of divorce.