How to find a Russian bride on the street

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Yes, you have read the title right, don’t worry.:) And no, being a decent, family-oriented site, we will not advertise any prostitution services here either!

a fascinating Russian brideWe are going to investigate how to date honest Russian women…directly on the street. Or in a cinema hall, in a theater, at a dancing place – anywhere else besides Internet. Yes, there are many premium Russian dating sites like, offering you a cozy online atmosphere and a chance to meet hundreds of real Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian or Moldovan ladies online, but, in our not that humble opinion, in order to remain a true macho every man must exercise his dating skills in real life.

Even if you find ladies in Internet, eventually the day X will come for a real meeting. So, some pick-uping practice will come in handy, the pun intended. Are there any secrets how to find a Russian bride if you are traveling around Russia? The best answer will be – be creative and diversify your search arena. Of course it would be weird for us here to tell you not to use dating sites when in Russia, and we will not stoop this low.

Online dating can be quite rewarding and less costly, you can cover more ladies this way and you can establish the initial contact easily. Moreover, more often than not online dating will let you avoid tilting at windmills and will let you have a head start over your competitors by launching a benchmarking process. But! Meeting ladies outdoors is more fun and more entertaining, it will bolster your male stamina and will bring it to a whole new level. So, if you are already in Russia, don’t feel shy, even if you don’t know Russian, many Russian ladies know English to a certain extent, some are proficient in the language.

One of the rules of effective dating outdoors is the preliminary screening. If you are standing, say, on Arbat or on the Nevsky prospect, you will surely see a lot of attractive, stunning females milling about in all directions. However, most of them don’t have dating or even talking to strangers on their minds at the moment. Most are just going minding their own business, as usual. You want to single out those women who would not mind talking to a stranger. Such women usually are taking a stroll, they are not in a hurry. They may be looking around at the architecture of nearby buildings, laughing or smiling. They are usually brightly or appealingly dressed. All these are the tell-tale signs of a Russian woman ready for communication with a total stranger, i.e. with you.

What to say to the woman when approaching her

So, the target has been chosen. When you approach the lady, don’t touch her since most Russian ladies expect men to respect their private space. In order to break the ice, come up with a unique opening line. Don’t use overt and hackneyed compliments, most of the ladies have heard thousands of them before, so it will not work as great as you may be anticipaa pensive Russian womanting. Funny and at the same time complimenting questions work the best, because a woman will begin trying to respond to your question, will try to think about the best answer, especially if she likes you. We can suggest the following opening lines: “What are you doing today in the morning, beautiful lady?”, “Can I keep you company to make sure no one tries to disturb your stunning privacy?”, “Can I marry your beautiful sister?” Your purpose is to slightly stun the lady of your attention, the first minute of communication is the most important one. According to some in-depth scientific studies, most humans decide whether they like a person of the opposite sex whom they meet for the first time during just eight seconds. So, producing the first favorable impression cannot be overestimated.

She is talking to me – what to do next?

If she is talking to you and responding, you can congratulate yourself – half of the job is done. Now you need to maintain the trust you have already gained and to move forward. Be your own self, don’t try to beat her to the punch all the time. Be a careful and assiduous listener. And this stage you need to determine her character, so all the information she gives you about herself needs to be analyzed on the run and rather quickly. Tell her about yourself, about your relatives – women adore listening to all sorts of family stories and rumors. Offer her to join you for a cup of coffee in the nearby deli, but don’t get offended if she refuses, some Russian women like “to play it long”. View your advance as a success if she bestows you with her phone number and call her in two-three days, not the very next day – let her wonder for some time whether you have totally forgotten about her. Good luck and may the God of Dating be with you!