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After you have firmly decided to look for a bride on an international dating site, you have to determine the main criteria that you will use for search, such as her age, personal interests and traits, her appearance and her social status. We would strongly recommend you whole-heartedly consider Russian dating, because it is becoming a new trend in the dating world and offers a lot of tangible advantages.

Russian woman enjoying it on a beachTake a decision in advance regarding kids, whether you will be willing to accept her kids if she has them, and whether you are planning to have more kids of your own. This is the first step that you need to take before you even set up a profile on an international dating site. Also, it will be quite useful to compile a list of negative characteristics, the ones that will raise a red flag for you in the course of a more intimate communication with the ladies.

Beauty is mostly skin-deep, bear this in mind when doing your screening and benchmarking of the candidates. Check out all the points, both negative and positive, don’t write to the ladies who don’t meet your requirements. Don’t even respond

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to such ladies even if they contact you first – it will save you a lot of troubles later on. You want to live together with this person, and chances are – till the rest of your life, so you cannot go overboard with the stringency of your demands at this initial stage of bride selection.

One more important point that needs to be covered is the size of the city your potential wife lives in, compared to your own. If you live in a large city, it will be quite a challenge to adapt there for a lady from a small town or settlement, and vice versa. Of course, there are exceptions from every rule, and here we may have a similar case, but don’t count on it too much. Which brings us to the question that we will try to cover here.


Who can become a better wife – a Russian lady from a big city, from a small city or from a village?

The short answer is – it depends. Russian ladies from big cities, such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, are usually more sophisticated and some know not just English, but also other foreign languages. If you are interested in Russian dating online you will quickly discover that these ladies are very sharp when it comes to mastering foreign languages. They may be keen theater goers and may have a passion for literature, music and fine arts. Ladies from small towns and rural areas in most cases will be less educated but more sincere, and sometimes even more beautiful than their big cities sisters. Why? The answer is so simple it can make one want to cry. The truth is that the environmental situation is much better in small Russian towns, where there is less air and water pollution. Low salaries in these areas push the inhabitants to do a lot of fishing and hunting, they possess a handful of useful information about picking mushrooms and berries. Not many can afford a car in such middles of nowhere, where a lot of crucial facilities are located at far distances. Which is actually fabulous news! All this means high quality nutrition and much better health. And a healthy woman will always be an ideal wife and a great mother of your kids.