Gorgeous Russian women, where did they come from in the first place?

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We all remember the cornerstone moment when Gorbachev declared prestroika and later on Russia became a sovereign state. Approximately in 1993 plush London drawing-rooms saw the first post-Soviet Russian women.

A Russian woman waiting for her love and soul mateThe word stunning does not fully cover this outstanding phenomenon. It borders on being an enigma wrapped into conundrum. Those first Slavic women in the West were unbelievably attractive.

Many of them inherited the perfectly smooth and silky skin from their Mongolian and Tartar ancestors, many were shod in comfortable leather boots. Their coiffure was immaculate and stylish. More often than not they were accompanied by older men, some old enough to be called their fathers. Sugar daddies? Quite possible. The fledgling Russian bourgeoisie of those days of early capitalism in their country was becoming more and more influential. The nouveau-riche craved for opulence and beauty, with which they aspired to surround their daily lives, including gorgeous women. I remember standing at a glitzy cocktails dinner table near a seasoned-looking American businessman who was eye-balling in awe and veneration a particularly beautiful Russian lady. He muttered after a long pause, in utterly genuine amazement: “But where did all they come from?!”

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union there were as many attractive women in the USSR, however, the iron curtain and the Cold War simply did not let the rest of the world discover their captivating beauty. There was no real market for the feminine beauty back then before perestroika. The Soviets had fashion houses sponsored by the state, but they didn’t have access to the global arena. Needless to say, there were quite some famous and attractive Russian women even back then. But there was no model industry as such. Soviet fashion magazines sounds like a bitter oxymoron even today, doesn’t it? There were shining actresses like Lubov Orlova, who was Stalin’s favorite, and many others, but they were not known to the Western public.

These women could carry on to become established Communist leaders or winners of socialist competitions at factories. They were unaware of high couture, wore cheap polyester clothes and no make-up. “Krasnaya Moskva” was the only perfume that their tender skin ever experienced. They never made it to Vogue covers.

Changes for Russian women after the Soviet Union collapse

The situation saw a drastic change in the beginning of the nineties after the speedy demise of the USSR. In this respect, the story of the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodionova is rather edifying. She was born in Nizhny Novgorod by a single and poor mother. When Natalia turned 15, she had to commence her work career running a fruit stall. Shortly after that she managed to find her way to London, where she met and married a British aristocrat. Her career was dizzyingly stunning. Vodianova soon moved on to become the face of Calvin Klein perfua Russian woman resting on a sofame, her annual income posted 4 million dollars. Vodianova was one of the first Russian supermodels and beautiful women in the West. Then the gates of Paradise broke loose and the trickle turned into a huge flow.

It will be fair to say that whatever is true for the fashion industry is also true for other lines of human activity. For instance, we all know Maria Sharapova, her stunning victories and amazing affairs.

Russian women no longer need to be the Communist party members to travel around the West. And they are using this relatively new opportunity to the fullest. Today you can get a sight of them on the beaches of Egypt, in the museums of Italy and in the casinos of Monte Carlo. The Russian dating industry is also on a steep rise, because Slavic women possess not just the beauty, but also a submissive and responsive Russian character. They are full of charm, wisdom and intellect that beat by a large margin the respective qualities of Western women. And most of them are eager to find a loving and adoring husband.

By the same token, many Slavic women who excel in various professions, including medicine, marketing, chemistry, etc. are also taking avail of the opening opportunities to launch a new and exciting life in the West. Don’t miss your rare chance to partake of this blissful happiness here at russian4bride.com!