How to attract women and to make them chase you

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Most men out there live with the firmly established, unwavering belief that they must pursue gorgeous women in order to be able to win their attention and, hopefully, love.

a laughing Russian girl on www.russian4bride.comThey are always on the look-out and develop a predatory attitude towards women, sometimes attacking them in herds like packs of hungry wolves. I bet you have seen these disgusting scene many times when on an outing – when a woman is basically forced to defend her dignity instead of having a great time, say, at a disco club or at a private party.

More often than not women get discouraged by being chased all the time with the obvious questions and indecent propositions. They grow very tired of belligerent, sex-seeking men who can stoop to all sorts of dirty tricks to allure young, beautiful women. As a result, many women consciously develop a rather sophisticated self-defense mechanism against such vicious attacks. Naturally, they begin appreciating non-intrusive and abuse-free men more than anything else.

The good news is it is a great dating ground for a seasoned dater who knows what he really wants and how to go about it in order to get it. Perhaps you are wondering how to find a Russian female or a Slavic woman in general. In this case you should be aware that Slavic females in particular are very disgusted by obtrusive advances and blatant disrespect on the part of men. They have seen it all and have been through it all. But the good news is you can trigger their interest and arouse attraction towards you if you become the exact opposite of these miserable skirt-chasers clamorous for female attention. If you go right about it, you will be able to reverse the trend and to make women begin chasing you instead.


Here are some tips regarding how to begin winning female hearts without chasing them.

1. Forget about courting, begin attracting them to yourself

En masse, there are two main models regarding how men get about the business of meeting and hooking up women – the model of courtship and the model of attraction. In many cases, when a man begins courting a woman, her strong inborn instincts tell her to run away as fast as she can. So, instead of turning into an aggravated, jilted suitor, attempt at arousing her genuine interest in yourself. In other words, courting involves an action on your part, it is what you would like to offer to a woman (things like lavish dinners, wooing compliments, roses, expensive gifts).

Attraction involved your ability to communicate with a woman, starting with a user-friendly dating site and ending with a tete-a-tate romantic dinner at a restaurant. When ya serious-minded Ukrainian brideou are courting, you have to meet a challenge and to accomplish a lot in order to win. In the case of attraction you yourself are a challenge. When you turn into a woman’s challenge, the gauntlet is thrown at her feet, and if she believes you to be an exciting dating material, she will be after you, not vice versa.


  1. Reverse communication strategy

Reverse communication strategy involves saying and doing the opposite of the usual pattern men resort to when trying to win the heart and the mind of a woman. It should be rather playful and sarcastic, and it is possible when you know the woman a bit. She will jump head over heels in her joy that she has just met a rather original man who differs a lot from her previous and maybe even current suitors.


  1. Be the captain of your ship

Always behave like a captain on your own ship. Never let a woman lead and approve more than you do. You have to give them some leeway, but they are supposed to know their natural limits. So, even if she is all over the map of your courtship and is trying to give you directions and/or commands, remain firmly unperturbed at all times and let the final say be yours in most of the situations.


  1. Let her feel with her own guts that you are unlike all other men

It is crucial that you come across to her as a jovial fellow rather than a gloomy individual desperate for any female attention and appreciation. Women don’t like losers and whiners. Even if life has been hard on you lately, don’t show it during your first dates, let her realize that your are enjoying life and are fully satisfied with your salary, with your house and with your car.