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If you are reading this article, it will be rather safe to assume that you are looking for a bride in Russia, in Ukraine or in another Eastern European country. First of all – congratulations, a really wise move on your part, women from these nations do make splendid and caring wives! Here are a few tips regarding the subject matter that may come in handy for you while you are pursuing your matrimonial goals.

A Russian woman looking for a dateIt is not an exaggeration that Russia is full of beautiful single women. Many of them adore Western movies and music, the Western cuisine, know English and other foreign languages to a certain extent, which enables them to quite easily adapt to the new realities of their host country. They are available for contact on international sites like R4B here, and many of them strive for a stable, strong family.

However, to break the ice and to win their hearts, you need to say and to do what is appropriate and what they expect from you. It is worthwhile knowing that Russian online dating can be a waste of your time if you are not ready to forget about Western stereotypes about Russia, which sometimes even turn into an ugly stigma.

Russian women on international dating sites indeed are looking for a partner abroad, but it doesn’t mean they are desperate and will be willing to swallow humiliation, disrespect or improper treatment. They are not just looking for a way out of their country, which they usually love, they also want to find a decent person. They are looking for their destiny and their husband.

Many Russian brides are fatalists, they believe everything what happens to them in this life has already been foreseen and planned by the shrewd Creator. This is a very interesting national phenomenon that can be employed for strengthening your ties with the woman of your choice. Ukrainian women have largely the same mentality, just like all the Slavs, so you may want to play up to this weakness, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t be arrogant and don’t assume that you are going to buy a wife here. If you begin writing to women with the notion that they will be very excited to hear from you and you only, this may backfire at you, and very soon. What we mean here, such men only attract gold-digging women and can never count on a tender, fulfilling relationship full of harmony and mutual respect.


Russian lady looking at suitors

What to do to attract Russian women?

That’s a one million dollars question. First of all, information is the king. Obtain as much information as you can about Russia, its rich culture and its centuries-old traditions. This resource can be of a great help – it contains a lot of useful tips regarding dating in Russia, in Ukraine and in other Eastern European countries. If you apply the provided knowledge wisely, you are bound to hit a jackpot. And sooner than you may think.

One of the best ways to handle this task is to approach it as you would approach the task of finding a proper job. First of all, you need a sharp CV that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants (your profile on a niche Russian dating site). Many foreigners make sloppy pictures of themselves with a smart phone in a mirror reflection and think this is it. Not a smart move at all! Make a great picture of yourself, preferably wearing an appealing suit – Russian women adore when their men dress with a taste and somewhat officially. Then, you need to be ready for the interview (communicating with the girl you like on a dating site).