How to deal with an affair?

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An affair in a committed relationship or in a marriage is an excruciatingly painful experience for everyone.

cute Russian femaleIf you feel a lot of pain, confusion and guilt, you should realize that it is a rather common reaction to adultery, whether you are the guilty party or your Russian or Ukrainian woman is.

Some typical feelings people go through after finding out their partner has been unfaithful:

  • You don’t feel being special to your partner anymore and wonder if she really had any true love for you;
  • You wonder if you are the one to blame for this, you begin having doubts about your own attractiveness;
  • Your feelings are in complete disarray, you don’t believe in justice in this world anymore;
  • Eating or sleeping is something that doesn’t come easy to you anymore;
  • You don’t know whom to tell about your grievances;
  • You don’t want to talk to your Russian or Ukrainian woman, you don’t even want to see her anymore;
  • You are contemplating committing an affair yourself.

If you have cheated on your dear soul mate, you are likely to have an avalanche of the following emotions:

  • If you have made it your job to hide your sins, you may feel exhaustion and even a weird sense of relieve bordering on happiness after your wayward activities out of the relationship are exposed;
  • The feeling of guilt begins creeping in. You feel terribly sorry for what you have done to your dear partner and want to make up for this somehow;
  • You wonder if lying to your partner can be a great idea to protect her from the dirty truth;
  • You feel an overwhelming feeling of disgust and uncertainty about the future;
  • You understand that you have no excuse whatsoever for what you have done and that you will hardly find any person who will be eager to feel empathy for you.

How to deal with this new situation? The hardest time for you will be during the first day, especially if you have some pressing things or work to do. This new skeleton in your personal closet will follow you in your brain everywhere, refusing to let it go.

The good news is that many females in Russia don’t view adultery as drastically as their Western counterparts. A Russian, a Ukrainian or a Moldovan woman will never forgive a systematic alcoholism or a lack of support to the family, but she may end up forgiving adultery, provided it doesn’t repeat again and you really feel sorry for this. She may even unleash her anger on the woman you had an affair with. That’s an interesting part of the Slavic mentality you should know about. But don’t count on any mercy if you engage in adultery repeatedly, if you squander a lot of family money on this and do it to the detriment of the family life.

If you are the betrayed party, you may feel the urge to learn the most minute and intimate details of the adultery. You may become prone to a certain self-destructive behavior that will hamper your focus on saving the relationship – if you have this noble goal on your mind, of course. Better be wise in what you say and how you behave, this is not a nice moment of your life and you can make it much worse with non-constructive attitudes.

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Where to get support

If you date a Russian beauty and she becomes unfaithful to you, or if you or your Russian wife cheat while already married, you will need to seek support. Our best advise is to find a professional family consultant without relying too much on your friends and relatives. It is usually an ugly and complicated situation, your friends or relatives may have good intentions but, as the practice has shown, they may make it even worse simply because they are not qualified to see all the possible ramifications.

Never act on the spur of the moment and take your decisions after a careful deliberation and consultations with the experts in matrimonial and relationship affairs.

Most families don’t fall apart after just one affair. However, if a lot of lies and secrecy have been involved, resolving this matter may be a hard task and it may take years to achieve full reconciliation and family reunion, both in the physical and the spiritual sense of the word.