How to fight loneliness and meet new people

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Leon’s tender and loving wife Susan succumbed to an illness and passed away when he was 54 years old.

Charming Russian woman waiting for her groom on https://www.russian4bride.comAfter some months of complete solitude he began feeling lonely and a deep anxiety filled his whole being, creeping like a vicious snake into the every pore of his miserable existence. It was purely by chance that he attended the lecture of James Brensktinson, a local psychologist, where he learned two rather basic rules for fighting loneliness by meeting new people. These rules involved delegating some time to entertainment and to going out at least once a week and accepting all possible invitations.

Leon later shared with me his rare and helpful experience: “The next day I bumped into the son of one of my co-workers right in a Wallmart store. He told me that he was helping to organize a weekend musical soiree and asked me if I wanted to join in and have some fun. I was really impressed and thankful and, equipped with my new psychological mantra, I decided to give it a go. After all, it was an invitation, and I simply had to act upon that. It wasn’t a family advice or a valid dating tip, but it was good enough. I figured there would be some nice-looking, lonely ladies I could check out or maybe even approach. Even if I failed, I would still have an awesome time and distract myself from the tedious everyday routine I was suffering from. So I went to the event and never regretted it afterwards.”

After this joyful episode in his new life Leon decided to entertain himself once a week. At first he began inviting his friends and family members, then it was the turn of his colleagues. After a while all these people started inviting the people they knew, and the company of enthusiastic party-goers grew as never before. Sometimes they would party at Leon’s house, sometimes they would go out or to someone else.


A leap to marriage

It was always a new, fresh and invigorating experience. Leon’s life changed for the better, and within two years he met Angela, a truly angelic Russian woman whom he was introduced to at a local charity event. Leon never fancied a Russian for marriage, but Angela really charmed him with her piano playing skills and romantic stories about her great-grandmother during the October revolution in 1917 back in Russia. It was a totally unique experience, and they began dating. After a while Leon proposed, and Angela just embraced him gently in the summer park where they were taking a stroll, and murmured “Yes!” to his ear.

When they just began dating, Angela, who was in her mid-thirties at the time, told him once: “I am so used to weird men who drink or have other terrible haa juice-sipping Russian bride on https://www.russian4bride.combits, I am afraid it is just me and I am not worthy of a decent guy anymore.” She also shared with him one private apprehension of her: she has been scared by being on her own since her childhood years. Leon told her about his two rules secret, and it changed Angela’s life forever as well. She frequented his flamboyant parties rather often and gradually fell in love with this charming and sociable gentleman Leon now was.

Angela wasn’t only taking, she was also giving in her new company. It flattered Leon immensely that she took on calling her friends, inviting them over and very often taking the initiative and the lead. She would pick up the movie tickets, arrange for restaurants, rent cars when needed. Soon Angela became the soul of Leon’s company, so much so that on occasion he felt a bit jealous and thought that she flirted too much with other men. She finally was able to let her old fears go and find in Leon the tender and loving life companion.

In order to apply these two simple socializing rules, you don’t need to invent some sophisticated invitations. Keep it simple but to the point, always indicated the date, the place and the possible expenditures that may be involved. Your key objective is meeting new people, so don’t exclude anyway because of a bad social status or reputation. Just trust your inward instincts and act on them. Always make your own judgment about the person who may join your company, especially when dealing with ladies. Tastes do differ, and men have very different tastes in men, so always check out the new ladies yourself first before forming a definite opinion about them. Be selective, but avoid being overly fussy and stubbornly opinionated.