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There are abundant family tips in many modern magazines devoted to dating.

sensational Russian womanOnly a few cover one interesting area – how to find a gorgeous woman of your dreams. There are many misconceptions involved on the part of men in their quest for the “dream woman”. Many men simply fail to understand what sort of a woman can make them truly happy, and as a result, they set absolutely false targets for themselves. That is, without even realizing that if they do land a woman who fits their initially false criteria, their happiness together will be short-lived if they are a pathetic mismatch for each other.

If you ask an average unmarried Joe in the street about what sort of a woman he is looking for, most likely than not her physical attraction will be #1 priority on his list of matrimonial preferences. It may be the correct approach, but life has shown many times that this approach is prone with many inherent dangers often leading to bitter disappointments.

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However, most of us, deep down, realize perfectly well that the physical perfection of a woman brings absolutely nothing to ensure a long-term relationship, especially if we disregard other essential female qualities that help forming a happy, resilient family. More often than not, female beauty contributes only to a failure in the family life. Of course, hotness is something that makes a man notice a woman in the first place, but paying a lot of attention to the external features of a woman is not beneficial in the long run. There are a lot of statistical records that boil down to the following: relationships based on the woman’s physical attraction alone don’t last for a very long time.

So, ok, enough with the lecturing routine, let’s get straight down to business. What does a man need to look for in a woman to find his “perfect lady” for many years to come? We have singled out three points that, in our mind, bear a special importance in this respect.


Point #1: Always remember about the bigger picture

For any man his hard-wired and rather narrow thinking is his greatest enemy on the challenging path towards finding the ultimate woman of his dreams. If you manage to see a larger picture and to keep it in focus, you will be able to succeed in the long run. To be more specific, you should envisage first what sort of a woman you are looking forward to. The woman who will be able to become a true diamond in the crown of your awesome life. This means that you need to find a woman with the right qualities, the ones that will help her support you in each and every endeavor that you are going to undertake. It leads us directly to the point #2.

Point #2. Define for yourself what are your life goals and ambitionsFaithful Ukrainian bride from Kharkov

The title tells us all here. Before you begin enjoying your dream life, you must figure what this dream life should actually involve. Some men adore painting pictures or are into photography, others cannot live without pumping irons. You may say these are just trifle hobbies, but even hobbies are important in this respect. So, clarify for yourself what exactly should be included into the notion “dream life”, specifically for you. Once you prepare a thorough portfolio of these characteristics, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic discovery – now you will know the fantastic traits that your dream woman should possess in order to find a decent place in the dream life of yours.

Are you a traveler hell-bent about the dream to sail the world? Or maybe you want an Oscar for the best screenplay? Or you just want to lead a relaxed life on a beach and don’t care about popularity? Answer all these questions to yourself, and then dating women will be a walk in the park full of fragrant roses for you.


Point #3: Know how to match up with the woman of your dreams

It is amazing how many men peevishly grumble and chew the fat about unsupportive and very selfish women in their lives. It happens because many guys are simply unable to match up with the woman they are looking for. In other words, if you are determined to become, say, a world-traveler, you need a woman with a sense of humor and with the spontaneous desire to see the world, with the passion of discovering the unknown, with the buccaneer spirit of adventure in her blood.