How to know a woman is really interested in dating you?

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When I first meet a gorgeous woman or go on a date with a woman of my dreams, say, from a Russian brides site like, how will I know that I really have a chance with this woman?

a cute lady who wants to become a bride on www.russian4bride.comIf I see there is a fair chance with this woman, how do I proceed further, what do I need to say and to do to enhance this chance? These might be just some of the poignant questions you might be asking yourself after establishing the initial contact with the lady who seems to encarnalize for you all the great traits your future wife should possess – a supple body, a great smile, an open and sharp mind, etc.

Men need to do everything in their power to escape defeatist attitudes and mind-guessing games. They need to begin looking for the tale-telling signs in the woman whose heart they are attempting to conquer.

After sixty minutes of a tete-a-tete, casual conversation with the woman of your interest ask yourself this: “Is she being natural and receptive with me, does she demonstrate signs of friendliness and attention towards me?

It all sounds rather obvious and pretty much straightforward. But like in many issues concerning dating women and courtship in general, in this particular case being overly self-confident and behaving with the “I know it all” approach actually affects the end results in a rather negative way, cutting down the chances of dating success by a large margin.

Many men are on the lookout for certain physical behavior signs, like tilting of the head and smiling when speaking. The bad news is that all these physical signs may not be related directly to your failure or your success with a particular woman, chances are it is her standard behavior pattern and she behaves like that with all the men she meets in her life, irrespective of whether she likes or dislikes them. If she is broadly smiling at you it may mean just nothing as far as your chances for taking this to the next, meaningful level are concerned.

A generally positive behavior a woman is demonstrating towards you on a date may be just her innate capacity for “playing games” or it may as well be the desire to be polite to everyone she is talking to.

So, stop analyzing her physical behavior patterns and begin zooming in on the bigger picture. Don’t make any conclusions during the first sixty minutes of your conversation, skip the interlude. Begin the assessment after the initial stage of your date. Here is what you need to pay a very close attention to in order to figure out if she is an appropriate “dating material” for you:

1) Does she know how to take a lead in the conversation? Does she pay close attention to what you are telling her, does she offer her input and feedback to keea Slavic girl looking for a cool datep the conversation going or you have to do all the energy-consuming paddling-through yourself?

2) Does she jump in to interrupt you to offer her own relevant and suggestive questions and opinions? Or she interrupts you to bring up her own thoughts, totally unrelated to what you have been trying to say? The latter is always a sign that your date is going in a wrong direction and you are not getting your message across.

3) Does she even bother maintaining a proper eye contact with you while you are talking? True, this one is about a physical interaction, but it is also a cue that you have to take rather seriously. If she is looking around the premises all the time and is playing with her cell phone, probably the best you can do is leave her alone and say goodbye.

4) Also, is she making an attempt to “deepen” the conversation by offering her ideas about helpful marriage tips and so forth? If she is offering meaningful and worthwhile comments, then you are in a great shape. If not, then, again, bail out from this futile conversation and take a hike elsewhere, no need to waste your time on her stupid mind games.

The bottom line is that this technique is not known well to many women, and only a few ladies would be able to fake their emotional and intellectual involvement on this high level of interaction. If everything goes smoothly and as expected, you will have a golden chance to take this fledgling romantic relationship to the next level of love and courtship. But avoid at all costs coming across as an overeager and desperate type. Proceed with dignity, know your possible limits and use your dating advantages to the fullest.