How to look cool to Slavic women

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Many of us, regular Western men, have an immense fear that gorgeous Slavic women will not want to meet and to date us because we are not cool enough in their eyes.

Russian bride hiding behind a birchHow to appear really cool and manly to Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Moldovan women? Or how to date a Russian woman so that she thinks you are the best man on Earth? How to produce this everlasting favorable impression?

We have watched many movies about the cool guys like James Bond, so we are all aware of the typical standard behind the phrase “he is cool”. Many of us have also been in rather unequivocal situations when our desire to act cool in front of women didn’t pay well and on occasion even ended up in disaster, ruining the possible opportunities to crack the dating ice and to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship with amazing women.

So, being cool, how does it relate to Slavic women? Bad news first: it definitely is important to them. The good news is that any man can cultivate this “coolness” the women really are fold of if he follows a rather simple and down-to-earth procedure. In fact, for most Slavic women it is not about the man’s swagger, his great looks or even his wallet.

Man’s ability and skills to establish an emotional connection with the woman are of a major importance. Here you can find a few distinct hints regarding how you can turn into a really cool individual in the eyes of a Slavic woman.

First of all, find the sense of real purpose in life for yourself, an ambition for fulfillment. Slavic women adore men on a mission, the men fighting in this life for something greater, for something better or more just. If you don’t have this self-fulfillment balance inside yourself, you can hardly hope for a meaningful connection with a Slavic bride looking for a husband in the West. After you gain this attitude, you will see how your self-fulfillment will radiate from you and rub off the women.

Suddenly you will not act in a defensive manner anymore, you will not be constantly tense and alert against all sorts of challenges and threats, either perceived or real ones. You will enjoy just being yourself, and most Slavic women will recognize this as being on the macho side. It will be reflected in the way you talk to people, in the way you look at them, your body language will undergo a thorough transformation.

So, perform a mental assessment of your current life situation. Maybe there is a goal you haven’t fulfilled yet? Maybe you need a change in your career pattern? MRussian female searching for her loveaybe you need to become more fit or need to change your living habitat? The first steps in changing your life will be the most demanding ones, later on down the road everything will be coming to you
more easily.

Develop your inner strength. It has nothing to do with muscle power, and it doesn’t mean an aggressive or inappropriately rude behavior. We are talking here about projecting control and assuming self-assuredness, a certain leadership pattern that many Slavic women will recognize as cool and manly. This inner strength includes being able to be unaffected by other people’s opinion while managing to avoid being selfishly stubborn. It also includes the ability to assess various life situations without bitterness, paranoia or bellicose bias in order to be taking mature decisions. It is the potency to pursue your own dreams without treading on the dreams of others.


Being cool in Belarus

If you are attracted to Belarus women you better learn how to be cool without offending her patriotic feelings. Belarusian ladies are very fond of their history and are very sensitive regarding their country’s role in the global affairs.

These ladies all speak Russian, but just like the Ukrainians they are proud of their own country and history, and they will be deeply offended if you hint they don’t have their own ethnicity or statehood, or if you say something bad about their president, Lukashenko, who has been nicknamed “the last dictator of Europe”. Belarus is a very friendly, hospitable country if you find the proper key to the warm hearts of its citizens. Like most Slavic women, Belarusian ladies are extremely intolerant towards lies and towards casual infidelity.