How to overcome the fear of rejection in dating

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One of the biggest challenges most inexperienced daters face is the fear of rejection.

pliable Russian brideEvery man knows this uneasy “butterflies in the stomach” feeling when he wants to approach a gorgeous-looking woman but is at the same time afraid to do so.

Many men who are losing in this competition convince themselves that they do everything right and that they keep trying. But if we take a look at their efforts, we will see that mostly they sit at home and strive to improve their profiles on various dating sites. Maybe they even work out and try to stay fit, but they still approach women on rare occasions. To make the long story short, they remain on the sidelines of the gratifying world of dating.

These men never actually “put themselves into the game” and lack the commitment and perseverance required for a successful dater. Why does this happen? The truth is that the fear of rejection overcomes both their desires and their gut instincts. Let’s keep this in mind and see how this gruesome fear can be beaten, removing the overbearing anxiety that stands between you and the lady of your dreams. This will be especially helpful to you if you want to find a Russian bride or a Slavic woman in general, in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova or in another similar country.

First of all, evaluate the worst-case scenario that you may be facing when you solicit the attention of a woman. It is true that a woman, on any day, can reject your advances, but you have to remember that in most cases it will actually have nothing to do with you. She may have a dear someone already, she may be going through a difficult period after a break-up and is not ready for any relationship at all at the moment. There can be thousands of reasons none of which would have to do anything with you. The point is – she will just politely reject your attention, nothing really bad can happen to you if you behave yourself in a polite and civilized manner.

Actually, most women will be flattered by your attention. But don’t take this statement for granted, go out there and see it for yourself. The keyword here is action – even miserable failures count as such.

We don’t mean to sound cynical here, but practice is the cornerstone principle behind effective dating. Who knows, you may find not just a woman, but also a dear soul mate through your humble action.

Secondly, you need to visualize your success with a given lady, including the sweet rewards of such a success. Once you escape the pernicious habit of imagining how you are rejected and humiliated, you will be able to see why you really need to approach fabulous women. I have never met a man who believes that the life of a loner is preferable to the momeMoldova ladynt of disappointment when a woman tells him she already has a sweetheart.


The reward and how to get there

The reward you will have, once you understand how to avoid this permeating fear of rejection, will surely exceed your wildest expectations. You need to imagine your success. It doesn’t matter you are dating Moldovan women online or are after some Ukrainian beauties on the streets of Kiev, your aim should always be set high. When it comes to women, it is like everything else in this life – you must set very high goals, and this way, even if you don’t achieve the high ones, you can always settle for something average. If you aim low, you may end up getting absolutely nothing.

What you definitely need to do is you should develop the sense of attraction for yourself. Very often being successful with women, contrary to some rather widely spread beliefs, is not about good looks or money. It is primarily about establishing an emotional connection with the woman of your dreams. It is about letting her see in you something that makes you unique and very special.

Insecurities and inner fears are a significant off-putter. We are not saying you should not have them at all, it is quite impossible to imagine our life absolutely without fears and insecurities. But bringing them to a minimum should be your ultimate goal. And, of course, you must learn to hide them well. You have to learn how to control your deepest and most insecure emotions. No woman finds a whining loser attractive. Slavic women are famous for not tolerating any indications of a weak character in a male. They are attracted to strong personalities full of self-respect and bedazzling stamina.