Gift-giving tips – how to please your Russian or Ukrainian bride with gifts

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Yet another holiday is approaching and you are full of thoughts as to what would be the perfect gift for your loved one?

Russian bride contemplating marriage abroadYour Russian dating in Moscow has come to fruition, you have met the woman of your dreams and now are thinking about a nice present for her? Gift-giving can be a bizarre and demanding mixture of a sincere desire and obligation to show your genuine appreciation of a relationship. It is quite difficult to get it done right with the people whom you have been around for all your life, like your close relatives, and it is a truly gargantuan task to find a great gift for the lady you have just fallen in love with.

How do you begin selecting a gift for the woman you met only a few weeks or even days ago? A gift for the person who may become for you the romantic partner and the devoted soul mate for the rest of your life? All of a sudden, your mind turns into a whirlpool of motley thoughts such as “Should I present her with a gift at all? What will she think about this? Should I find something special for her, to show her how much I love her? Or should it be a casual and simple present to hint her I am not a fast roller?” Here are some helpful tips for you to evaluate your possible moves well in advance.

It would be correct to claim that there is hardly a grown up person on the entire planet who finds the idea of receiving gifts revolting, especially for the big holidays like Christmas. Even when we become adults we still feel the familiar thrill when unwrapping a present with our name on the box. And who would blame us? We all want to be highly valued in our relationship, and a gift serves this purpose well. On the other hand, when you give a gift to the lady you are in love with, you surely want your love to be remembered forever.

What you give as a present is extremely important, but avoid overdoing it. There are two gift types that can end up backfiring in the beginning of a relationship: the ones that are too expensive and the ones with an explicitly intimate connotation. And in both such cases you will be running the added risk that the lady you are dating decides this gift to be nothing short of your means to test the relationship waters or to propel it to an upper level before she is fully ready for such a development of events. Your gift should imply that you keep thinking about the source of your amorous inclinations, but it should not shout at her: “You are mine and I want you to know that!”, though even this approach is possible under some relatively rare circumstances.

However, the pendulum should not swing in another direction – your present should not be meaningless, it simply must project a certain thought, idea or even a concept. This is your chance to live through an excitingly adorable, enjoyable moment together with her, you may get to know her better and learn something about her core values and her worldview. It can be something as mundane as tickets to the movies or to a theater.Ukrainian bride enjoying the weather and clamorous for online dating on

If you want to capture her attention, the gift doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or expensive. Avoid buying a boring cheap trinket, get something unique and maybe customize it. Mike C., who met Julia at a Ukrainian speed dating event, had the following to say: “I was so embarrassed I didn’t really know what to present her with, so I purchased her a ticket for the next similar event!”

You should learn “leaving the fingertips” on the gifts that you offer to your dear lady, something that she will trace to you easily even after several years or more. It can be your signature, a poem that you composed yourself in her honor, your favorite book with a tender personal note. Your dating partner should know that she is very special to you, and carry this knowledge through many years.

Gift-giving and dating go together like peanut butter and jelly. Gift-giving should be light-hearted and enjoyable both for the giver and the taker.

P. S. Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It is only January, March or July? Ok, read it again in December.