How to spot single Russian women

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If you will not be traveling to an Eastern European country like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova, say, with the purpose of visiting a Russian woman who “fell into your hands” on an international dating site, but instead you will want to meet a Slavic woman in your own country, you may need extra knowledge about how to actually recognize her in a crowded bar or in a theater.

Russian lady having funIt is true that there is a diverse variety of single Russian women, but many fall within a certain pattern that can hardly be missed or overlooked.

First of all, look for overdressed women. If you are at a casual event at a coffee shop or the happy hour at a bar, look for such sure-fire signs as high heels, sparkly tops, rather large earrings. Don’t judge them harshly though – the competition for healthy and intelligent males in Russia and in Ukraine is so intense that these women usually go to quite a length in their desperate efforts to attract additional attention. Most of them just want to find their real love and to be happily married.

They don’t stop just at what they put on, so don’t assume that. Be vigilant as to the signs of groomed hands and quite a lot of make-up. In the West the so-called cougars are usually prone to apply a lot of make-up, but in Slavic countries it is abused by young women as well. Again, they pursue the same goal as indicated above – they aspire to be understood

and to be dearly loved.

Another important aspect is the overall physical appearance. A typical Russian woman is rather tall and slim, many are blonde and have sparkling blue eyes. This may seem to be a stereotype, but it covers quite many Russian women. It was true back in, say, March 1995, it is true even today. At this point you may ask: “Yeah, and how about if I tell you most Russian women I know here in Los Angeles have black hair and brown eyes?” It is a totally sound observation, and we have exciting news for you – it is really true! Here you have to bear in mind that most of the Russian immigrants to the US are Jewish, and Russians of the Jewish descent look rather different, just as you have described. It doesn’t make these women less attractive thoug

Russian bride showing her tongue and mocking

h. And Slavic blondes are still around us – just take a closer second look (where is our darn smiley here, hohoho).

Why Russian singles are not sociable and open minded?

You are on a totally wrong path if you have asked this question. Most single Russian women are reticent and are unlikely to bestow a wide and friendly smile onto a total stranger. This is undoubtedly true. However, this reluctance to strangers is largely based on fear. Russia has a rather violent, gloomy history, women in this country fought very hard to be free to do what they really want and to travel around the globe. There

were times when they were mercilessly killed, raped, sent to labor camps and gulags. Fear of strangers circulates through the blood system of most Slavic women. We don’t mean to discourage you here, there is a good recipe to remedy this. When you approach a single Russian lady, don’t rush forward, be a gentleman. She will most likely be much more receptive and open-minded after you manage to melt her distrust. They adore attention, just act cool and surround her with warmth, understanding and respect. Slavic women adore original presents – maybe present her with something more original than flowers. We would recommend a souvenir that will remind her of the wonderful time she has spent with you.