How to take the let’s stay friends relationship to the next level

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Have your Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian brides been treating you unfairly insisting on remaining friends and not willing to take the relationship a decisive step further?

flamboyantly gorgeous Russian femaleMost Western men, when seeking to respond to this awkward situation, try to escape this friend zone that strikes fear in them, to steer the fledgling relationship to a higher, more satisfying level.

That’s actually a gruesome mistake, no one enjoys being chased, and Slavic women just hate this. And let’s face it, no one likes clingy and despondent personalities making phone calls and texting desperately every thirty minutes. It is a revolting behavior, and if it is resorted to at the inception of a relationship it can spell nothing but trouble. Let’s see what can be done to turn this ugly situation into something more appealing.

The first step to alleviate the tension is to stop being concerned about what this woman thinks. The dating situation needs to be simplified, so all the persnickety guessing and wondering should be stopped immediately. You better concentrate on your own feelings and thoughts. The point is that every notion and idea about your dear self will undoubtedly influence the attitude of women towards you. However, avoid being a complete introvert, no woman in her sane mind would fancy a male who is totally self-centered as the acceptable dating material.

Follow up on to her needs and desires. She prefers seeing you only as a friend? Fine, oblige this desire with gratitude and be just what she wants you to be, a friend, in a relaxed and non-committal way. Don’t work on your next possible move to bridge this gap and get closer to her. Have genuine fun instead. If this happens, miraculously, you will be going up  the relationship ladder in her own eyes.

Further steps towards a relationship with the lady of your dreams

John D., a frequent visitor of Moscow speed dating events, had the following to say about Russian women: “What they cherish the most is independence and, atmodest-looking Ukrainian bride getting ready for a speed dating session in Kyev the same time, a great company. If you keep chasing a Russian woman when she hardly even knows you, you are toast. I have worked out my personal strategy, the gist of which is – offer your friendship first. I usually wait till she shares her feelings with me herself. Then I “jump in it” too.”

It is obvious that chasing a woman should be avoided at all costs. It sounds rather straightforward, but you would be amazed to find out how many men make the same mistake, over and over again, becoming desperate, clingy and due to this absolutely undesirable. That’s one of the most critical points to consider if you want to ever leave the gray “friend zone”.

Instead of chasing the woman you have developed the crush for, begin offering her challenges. It can be a friendly intellectual challenge, for instance, playing chess together if she enjoys it. It can also be a sports challenge if she happens to adore sports. We don’t suggest you climb Kilimanjaro or Everest, it can be something like jogging or cycling together.

Avoid “kissing up” to her points of view, a reasonable debate is always healthy and leads to learning each other better. It will also give you an opportunity to learn more about her character, her vibes and about her stamina. You may end up realizing that she is not the right person for you if she expresses the views that differ drastically from your own.

Such an approach will also be beneficial for this woman. She will see that you are a person with his own opinion about certain matters, that you have a personal core, the foundation on which a durable and enjoyable relationship can be firmly established.

If everything fails and you still cannot leave this darn friend zone, simply move on. You are not obliged to waste your time and cherish false ideas if this is simply not working out for you. Go try dating someone else – it is a huge world out there on our international dating site We are always online for your enjoyment and dating pleasure.