How to talk to your Slavic woman

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Have you sometimes wondered what would be the best way to communicate with your Russian or Ukrainian bride?

during a conversation with a Russian brideDo you feel like walking on crunching eggshells around your woman? Do you often get this terrible feeling of complete helplessness and insecurity when trying to communicate with the lady you love and realize, all of a sudden, that your are making it even worse by talking? Then this article is for you.

I distinctly remember the golden words told to me by Mike S., a participant of speed dating in Ukraine: “Russian and Ukrainian women, unlike most of the Western women, value and cherish what and how the man tells them. Even the pitch of your voice is important.”

I can give you (for free, hohoho) some valuable tips as to how you should talk to your Slavic woman without suffering from utter misunderstanding. Never be shy to let your Slavic woman know about your real feelings. She will always appreciate your resolute honesty, you will gain absolutely nothing from being secretive. If you unleash your anger, disappointment or even pain the wrong way, you may end up stirring a confrontation, something you should avoid at all cost. Slavic women actually appreciate it a lot when a man wants to discuss his feelings with them, even if they know they aren’t in love and want to maintain a friendly status quo.


Don’t try to hide your true feelings, unless you want your Slavic lady to withdraw and to begin looking for someone else. If the lady whom you love suddenly grows overly tacit and even hostile on certain occasions, it is a sure-fire sign that you are doing (or saying) something wrong. And it creates a certain distance between you two, largely artificial but still rather palpable. Why? Because she can sense you are hiding something from her, and she begins wondering how far you may go in this hiding process and if it may end up in downright lies. Sometimes you may even be confused about your own diverse feelings because of what you are lamely trying to hide from her.

So, the first task you are facing is correctly identifying your own feelings, otherwise you may loose touch with reality altogether. For instance, if you agreed to dine outsUkrainian woman during a dating argumentide and she is late to the restaurant, and not for the first time, you may have confused feelings about it, but usually it boils down to anger and/or outright frustration.

Using the words that fit the moment and reaching out for her heart is crucial. In fact, what you say to your woman is pretty much everything – some of your words may push her away from you, other words can turn you into an irresistible love magnet that draws her even closer to you with a powerful force. If you lash out at her with angry accusations, “You are late as usual, and I hate you doing this to me!”, you are not alleviating the dating attrition, you are exacerbating it.

But if you describe your own feelings instead, it will be a great situation saver: “I feel anger sometimes when I need to wait for people, I always try to be on time.” The difference is that your accusation is not direct in this case, and you describe your own feelings towards the situation, without showing any anger towards her personally.


The key point

Undoubtedly, dating women online requires a lot of profound skills, but the dating process itself is even more demanding. It is always wise and advisable to abstain from criticizing the person and her actions, focusing on resolving the issue at hand to your mutual satisfaction is always way more beneficial. Thus, in this situation when she has shown up late at the restaurant one of the best lines would be: “Let’s see what we can do to arrange our next dates in a more convenient manner”.

Slavic women are exceptionally smart, so she will grasp what you mean very rapidly. There will be a high chance that she will see her erroneous ways, will apologize for being late and will do her best to show up on time for the next going out together that you will surely be planning in the future.