How to win the hearts of Russian brides at dates

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When dating attractive Russian brides Western men make the same incorrigible mistake over and over again. They are trying overbearingly hard to show what an excellent catch they are. They salt the ongoing conversation with witticisms and tell their dates all sorts of grand things about themselves.

Russian bride looking for diversion They are eager to jump in and fill the conversations with their impromptu remarks whenever an opportunity presents itself. It is a highly unrecommendable behavior, but many people still do it.

In reality it produces an opposite effect on Russian and Ukrainian women, to the point that they may develop an utter aversion towards you and will never fancy seeing you again. It happens because Slavic women sense all the unnatural undertones in a conversation, they will sense you are being selfish and indiscreet. As a result, they will abandon the idea of getting to like you as a person. Slavic women certainly appreciate masculine traits in a character, but it does not involve being pushy and, frankly, no one really enjoys talking to a bragging person.

Making a Slavic woman feel comfortable is the key to success. And it is not just the Slavic women or even women per se. Any person will feel much better at ease throughout a conversation if he is comfortable and is sure he is being attentively listened to. Your first task when on a date with a Russian or a Ukrainian bride should be trying to establish conditions stimulating a profound relaxation. The most effective strategy to achieve this goal is through asking questions. Ask her about her hobbies, about what she enjoys doing at her leisure time.

The more she talks about herself and shares all sorts of personal information with you, the better she will feel and relax. And if you manage to achieve this, she will begin feeling positive vibes towards you, will begin opening herself up to you.

Also, by listening more you will be able to remove your both feet off the accelerator and actually listen to the person, thus learning more about her views and aspirations, worries, plans and achievements. It will give you more thought food for the future, enabling you to take a more informed decision about your compatibility when the time comes. It is a great bonus that you will get by being an attentive listener.

People, especially Russian and Ukrainian women, adore talking about themselves. Don’t miss this chance to assess the lady you are currently dating just by being silent most of the time and letting her do all the talking in the interim.

This approach will let you find out how really sensitive she is to your own persona. Does she just keep going on and on about herself or is she also asking some probing questions? Ideally, it should be a ping-pong mental effort since it takes two to tango.


Some other secrets for a successful date

To make your search for a Russian wife successful, you need to learn how to be an attentive listener. Also tell her something about yourself, answer all her personal questions to the best of your humble ability. At that, don’t spill all the beans too early, there should be some mystery about yourself that she will enjoy deciphering on her own. But abstain from being an enigma wrapped in a conundrum, ladies don’t tolerate overly secretive men.pliable Russian woman

There are some Russian and Ukrainian brides who actually enjoy it when the man they are dating does all the talking himself. If you see that it is the case, don’t be shy, offer her a little verbal performance that she will enjoy. Such women usually make very faithful wives and great cooks, but if you choose her as your wife don’t expect her to be a great conversation partner. This type of women is a very good match for those men who like to keep everything under their own control – including the flow of the conversation of course.


Your way to relate to the woman you are dating should be based on the assessment of her personality. A lot will depend on those first five minutes after you meet for your first date. Do everything humanly possible to employ these precious five minutes to the maximum, then your success and satisfaction will be guaranteed.