The invisible link between your health and relationships

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Many scientists have indefatigably toiled for years in a row trying to distinguish the connection between health and relationships.

lady in Moscow ready for a relationshipMost of the well-informed studies confirm what we already know as true from our personal experience: love, dating, having a soul mate or a wife is good for your health.

Researchers employed at the University of Manchester found out that the bypass surgery patients in happy relationships and marriages had a much higher survival chance than their counterparts in shoddy or unhappy relationships. It was also noted that women in unhappy marriages suffered much more than men. On the contrary, health benefits for women in successful marriages were found to be enormous.

What is the secret behind these statistics? Many scientists believe it is the social organization of humankind. In other words, people in successful relationships “have someone to live for” and are more motivated to develop healthy habits and beneficial lifestyles.

Alarmingly, some studies show that living with a woman can increase the risk of becoming overweight. However, other studies also show that men gain much more weight after a divorce, too. If you plan to use a Russian dating site for finding your love, you don’t have to worry much about being overweight – Russian women are very liberal about this possible issue and tend to look at the personal traits much closer than at the waistline of potential suitors. That said, of course, each case is unlike every other.

The matters of heart can inflict excruciating pain. Unshared and unhappy love can cause depression, insomnia and even diarrhea. The emotional pain and the fear of rejection trigger a lot of negative effects. So, you need to approach this rather carefully, with wisdom and prudence – falling in love at first sight can be thrilling, but bear in mind the possible consequences in the case you are struck with rejection, infidelity, misunderstandings and so forth.

Try to abstain from drinking solo. It is an established fact that bachelors tend to develop alcohol dependency much faster than their married counterparts.

The stress hormone cortisone is the companion of single people. If you find a soul mate or even if you have a great friend, they will save you from loneliness and from gloomy thoughts, thus dramatically improving your health conditions. You can have a lot of fun together and it will fill your life with many bright moments and shared joys.


Advantages for your health in marriage

Marriage can prolong your life. It has been found that polygamy actually shortens the human life. Many scientists believe it is due to the fact that a person, in order to constantly “win” new partners, overstrains his nervous system, the chance of contracting STDs is much higher in the case of polygamy as well.enigmatically mysterious Russian woman

To find single Russian women online, you need to be in a good mental health, it is a bumpy road on quite many occasions, a lot of debilitating stress can be involved in this. Marriage makes men stronger in every sense of the word. Women benefit from marriage through an improved mental perception of their new status. Besides, relationship matters much more to women, they are getting ready for married life since their early childhood.

Fine wine only gets better with time, so does a successful marriage. You will not reap all the rewards of the married life at once. Be prepared to bring something to the table of love, and be ready to be generously rewarded, in terms of your improved health, for every tiny bit of your matrimonial input and relationship feedback. Marriage is a mutually beneficial enterprise in which both the man and the woman share the best they have in the intellectual and the physical sense of the word. Their cohesion gives birth to an amazing synergy of human aspirations, hearts, bodies and emotions.

The biggest reward in marriage is children. When you have kids, a totally new level of self-awareness will emerge in your life. Taking care of children is a formidable incentive for us to take a much better care of our own physical and mental condition, which, in turn, is bound to make you even more healthy and to prolong your life.