Is it acceptable to date a coworker?

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You know how this pans out sometimes. You are furtively glancing at her across the lunch table.

a cute Russian brideWaiting for her at the water cooler hoping for a few minutes chit-chat. Swap a few jokes with her in the hall. Falling in love in the office certainly makes the workday way more fun, as well as the additional inspiration to have a sharper suit on for the tedious Monday brainstorming sessions.

You may mail-order a bride on a Russian personals site to make it more simple and straightforward. But if you are doggedly determined to pursue it further with your colleague, here are a few points that you need to take into account.

There are certain factors playing in your favor here. First of all, you are working for the whole day with this particular person, and it means that you can carry out an impartial evaluation of her weak and strong traits in a non-romantic environment. You will have a chance to see if she is stress-resistant, cooperative with her colleagues and friendly in general. Another advantage is that both of you, while working for the same company, will have similar holidays and work hours. She knows your colleagues also and can have a pre-dating picture of you. You may see in advance if your values in this life are compatible or at least seamlessly adjustable.

It also should be said that shared world is not lived in without risks. What if your relationship becomes the favorite gossip topic in the office? What if some coworkers grow increasingly jealous or even resentful? What if their attitude towards you and even your professional skills changes drastically after your relationship becomes their public knowledge? All these and many other questions are nagging on the mind of those who are contemplating dating a colleague.

Another consideration that should be paid a very close attention to is the potential impact your relationship might have on your job performance. If you become overly excited by the progress of your fledgling romance or if you grow increasingly distraught by its failure, all of this may negatively influence your job performance. After all, you have been hired to carry out specific work tasks, not to chase the female personnel around the office premises. If you feel it is going to hamper your performance, dating a colleague is probably not a brilliant idea and maybe you better concentrate on how to find a Russian bride on Internet.

You also need to take into account the possible failure of your office relationship and its consequences. Would you be able to continue working alongside your former crush as never before? If not, would a transfer to another department be a feasible option? Would you be able to find a new job quick enough elsewhere if this gloomy scenario materializes and you cannot work in the same office with her anymore?

It should be noted that, despite the risks involved, many happy couples are still formed in the office. If you are seriously considering dating a colleague, here are just a few guidelines that will assist you in this demanding endeavor.Ukrainian woman looking for a groom on

First of all, check out your company policies regarding dating a colleague. Some companies not only discourage, but strictly forbid dating colleagues. Other companies allow this, but under the condition that this is known to the supervisors. There are even companies that require you both sign a certain protocol in such a situation. So, prepare yourself in advance to avoid undesirable complications in the future.

Do your best to avoid getting involved with a person who is either your boss or is reporting directly to you. It may hamper the chain of command in your organization, you may be accused of favoritism, gossip may become truly ferocious.

Even if you proceed with your dating intentions, remember that you are still at work and you should not waste your work time on dating. Your focus should still be on your duties.

Ensure your romance remains discreet. If you succeed in it, keep it low-profile at work, if it fails, don’t shed tears of regret in front of your colleagues. Abstain from using the corporate email for personal communications. We never know where love catches us, but even if it happens while we are at work, we should do our best to keep our heads clear even though our hearts are on fire.