Is your Russian bride worthy of you?

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It may sound insensitive and it may even give someone heebee-jeebees, but the truth be told, no one wants to marry a Russian bride who is not worthy of him.

Russian bride sitting on the stairsAnd it is not necessarily the family status, education or even the social class. Usually we evaluate, whether consciously or subconsciously, the whole package, so to speak, the qualities of the Russian woman we are dating that she will bring to the relationship table. The bottom line is that we want to find a bride who will have some strong points which, on the whole, will suit our matrimonial expectations. It can be a great potential to earn money, it can be her stunning looks and an easy-going personality, it may even be an outstanding sense of humor.

Indeed, a happy couple with serious mismatches is a rather rare occurrence. You may be a very humble and shy person, but you still need a bride who will match your own best qualities, either directly or indirectly.

If you are determined to find a Russian female who are truly worthy of you, the best strategy to pursue is to embrace the market principles that underpin any successful and long-term relationship. It also works in the reverse direction – only the ladies with the attributes similar to your own will be attracted to you personally, that’s how the market works, isn’t it? You strive to find a Russian or a Ukrainian girl who has a certain set of attractive traits, but such girls also need to see certain values in your personality that they find attractive.   

Such a trading concept may irritate certain people who will find it gross, to perceive a personal relationship as some sort of a business transaction. But it doesn’t negate the fact that most of us are looking for a great deal when we are looking for a partner. Well, it works based on absolutely the same principles in the ladies’ world too – everyone wants the best of the best to fully satisfy their needs and aspirations.

You need to carefully scrutinize what you are willing to bring to the partnership table. The goal here is not to bloat your ego by summing up all the awesome qualities that Russian woman with big breasts you possess, or to bring your ego down by emphasizing your drawbacks and shortcomings. The real goal is to apply true honesty and to fully understand what it is exactly that you may offer to the Russian girl whom you may begin dating.


The strategy to employ when looking for a Russian woman

It would also be wise to learn in advance what Russian girls value foremost in their potential partners, what traits of character they find especially appealing and what sorts of personalities they prefer avoiding. Here it should be said that family-oriented Russian girls mainly value stability and the ability to provide for their future and the future of their family. So, nothing new under the sun here, if we give it a second look. However, Russian women are much less persnickety than their Western counterparts, feminism hasn’t affected them so much as most of the Western women, so they will be happy to settle down for rather modest arrangements as far as the family life is concerned.

To become a seasoned online dater, you will have to work with assiduity on your evaluation skills. Most Russian women try to hide their most glaring weaknesses, and you will need to engage a real mental scanner in your head to search out for those in order to determine how suitable for you personally this or that candidate really is.  

Don’t make the critical mistake of judging all the ladies on an online dating site by their looks alone. As a Russian saying goes, “Not everything that glistens is made of gold”. It can fully be applied to quite many Russian women. There are many athletically built stunners who may be a true horror when it comes to their personality. And there are relatively modest looking women who can make your married life a true paradise on earth.

Remember all this when carrying out your assessment of the potential candidates, don’t rush forward with your final conclusions and decisions. Marriage is the dish that better be served cold, if you know what we mean.

Always aim at a win-win scenario – your Russian bride should feel happy she chose you and not somebody else.