On the importance of letting your Russian bride have personal space

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He adored his Russian bride and was on the seventh heaven from joy, love and happiness. She reciprocated all his heart-felt and tender feelings towards her. They were dreaming about creating a healthy family, they had fun together and shared common values and interests. 

But one day, when he asked her out to have a fabulous dinner at his favorite restaurant, she said: “No, I would rather not go tonight. I was planning to spend some of my leisure time today with two of my friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time.” A problem looming in this otherwise happy couple?

One SundayRussian bride searching for a soul mate in the West evening she shared her wonderful plans for the coming weekend with him. He said: “Dear, I don’t feel that swell tonight, I would like to visit my parents, live with them for a couple of days and just come to my senses.” Is this couple under the threat of an imminent break-up?

If you went to find Russian singles, i. e. single Russian women, on an international dating site, you would notice that there are many astonishingly beautiful ladies there, up for grabs. Does it mean that they make obedient wives ready to take whatever comes their way? Definitely not, you will have to spend a lot of your emotional skills to turn your relationship into a success story.

A relationship is just like a plant – it doesn’t grow without the necessary space and a fair daily amount of fresh air. If you don’t believe us on this one, kindly refer to Patrician Monaghan.

It often happens that we embark on a relationship on the “all or nothing” premise, which is essentially flawed to begin with. Any egoistic attitude is going to stifle the relationship in not that long a run, depriving it of the so much needed air and space. You always have to bear in mind that your Russian bride is not an object or a toy for your perpetual personal enjoyment. Even though she is with you as a person, she still needs some personal space. Occasionally she may require a lot of it, to have a personal retreat and think about where her life is going and whether it is the right direction to follow. Actually you are in the same boat on this one, you will
also need some time to visit your parents, to see your old friends and so forth.

The important point we are trying to make here is love and trust in a couple need periodic assessment for a reality check, and it is best done when both participants of the game are alone for some time. Personal air and space, on occasion, become truly vital elements of a couple’s growth and development. If your Russian lady asks for some time alone, there is no need to be afraid something is going really wrong. Actually, most likely the opposite is true. Take it as a chance for yourself as well, prepare a nice dinner for her when she comes back from her retreRussian woman with flowers eager for datingat, surprise her with vacation tickets to a warm and fancy country.

What it takes to create space for your Russian bride

When you were looking at the profiles of Russian women on dating sites, hopefully you didn’t take it for granted that the woman whom you choose would agree with all your decisions and would basically follow you like a dog on a leash. The contrary should be true – if you really love her, you should be able to sacrifice some of your free time and resources in order to fulfill her dreams and desires.

Personal space is our right, but it is also our responsibility. In a mature relationship personal time is as important as the time that we spend as a couple. This balanced combination is a vital ingredient of successful family life. Our individual hobbies may enrich our relationship, give it the flavor of diversity. In other words, our mutual individualism is essential f
or our balanced joint life. Imagine you both are absolutely the same and go through the same routine in your life every day – after some time it would get so boring you may actually begin hating each other. In this respect your personal time is a true saving boat.

It is also true that it takes a lot of courage to allow your partner a personal space and time. She will never be truly happy without your recognition that she is not something fully belonging to you, that she still needs some time on her own. Be courageous and spice up your relationship with a bit of healthy individualism.