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Addiction to love is a rather stark problem, but not many people have heard about it or have had the desire to look into in with any degree of seriousness.

Belarus bride taking it easy in a cold weatherWithout further ado, let’s delve into this complicated subject.

If you are interested in the online dating in Belarus you are at the right place. R4B doesn’t offer just a dating platform, it also offers counseling. This article was written as a part of the effort to cover such a complicated condition as love addiction. It is a state of mind in which a person manages to always fall in love with someone who will reject his advances. Our clinical consultant Mel Solivan traces the development of love addiction all the way down to a trauma sustained in childhood due to abandonment or neglect. Sometimes it happens that parents are either too busy at work or are distracted otherwise, completely forgetting about the proper care that needs to be offered to their children. As a result, their children may grow up with this unfilled void, and one of the side effects is love addiction.

Neglect, lack of parental love, especially in the early childhood, is the primary source behind this disorder. According to many studies, it does not depend on the financial situation of the family, it happens both in rich and in poor households.

The mechanics of this process are rather simple. The neglected child sticks to himself, spending quite a lot of time without any companions. At this stage the child begins daydreaming, building some sand castles in his head while seeking purely imaginary satisfaction of his fantasies. When the child grows up, this behavior pattern doesn’t go anywhere, but, as the adolescence comes into full swing, his fantasies channel into a love addiction. This person finds a lady who for some reason cannot be with him and begins fantasizing about her.

Usually these dreams evolve around a wonder woman, a perfect Cinderella who is supposed to come to his rescue, akin to a knight in shining armor. Usually such a person is unattainable for various reasons – a big boss, a singer or a movie star. This distance winds the addicted person up and increases his suffering. Actually it can be just a regular person, like a colleague, but more often than not this colleague happens to be married, engaged or definitely not attracted to this suffering individual.


Do foreigners get addicted to Russian women?

The short answer is yes, sometimes they do. Love addicts adore online dating sites, and international dating sites have a special allure for them since there are many beautiful women who are located in some far away countries. Men who suffer from love addiction, unlike the usual daters who approach online dating just like they approach dating in real life, quickly begin fantasizing about a specific lady they get in contact with on a site.unhappy Belarus bride not ready for dating

Very often they don’t come to date a bride in Russia on this site, they just come to complete their love addiction cycle, and the prerequisite for the completion of this cycle is rejection. Usually such individuals are rejected by the Russian ladies because they see that something is clearly wrong with these people – they ask stupid questions, fall in love after a couple of letters, begin calling them at night and messing up their life routine in general.

After the rejection comes withdrawal. It can be rather pathological, a love addict suffering from withdrawal may end up becoming suicidal or homicidal. Early detection of this disorder, proper diagnosis and treatment are highly recommended. In most cases psychological assistance is sufficient, medical involvement is rather rare.

The person who is in this state of mind needs to be taken to a place full of sunshine and fresh air, strenuous physical exercise is recommended as a part of the ongoing treatment. Jogging, playing tennis, rowing, etc. form endorphins that help the brain feel at ease and satisfied. A qualified psychologist will be able to offer a treatment program that usually lasts for 2-3 weeks. The patient learns to control his condition and to be aware of its mechanics.