Lugansk – the capital of Ukrainian scammers, spammers and hucksters

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Lugansk in certain circles of the dating industry has the reputation of  being Ukraine’s unofficial capital of scammers, spammers and other seedy personalities orbiting on the periphery of the decent online dating industry with the only purpose on their minds – to rip off foreign men who are looking for a soul mate in Internet.

a bride showing something with her both handsWhile we don’t fully share this view, because we believe that each individual case deserves a separate consideration, we decided to share it with our readers and to let them judge for themselves.

Just like the Russian online dating, Ukrainian dating in the net is gaining an ever-increasing popularity. And just like the Russian dating segment, The Ukrainian one suffers from the onslaught of scheming individuals and even whole organizations who want to make dirty money off it. Lugansk is well-known for the big concentration of such individuals. But let’s not make the long story short, it has a lot of ramifications.

The city history traces back to 1795, when a metal factory was founded there by the British entrepreneur Charles Gascoigne. Lugansk is strategically positioned in the Donetsk Basin, which is an ideal location for a metallurgical facility due to the abundance of natural resources, including coal. The city saw a rapid development, it became a large Eastern European industrial hub. Luhanskteplovoz is still a large locomotive-manufacturing company, though it has lost a lot of its former production capacity and employs much less people. In 1935 the city was renamed Voroshilovgrada nice-looking Ukrainian woman by the Soviets, and it received its original name back in 1990 after the destitution of the Soviet Union. It was under the nazi occupation during 1942-1943. When Ukraine gained independence, the economic turmoil of the nineties threw the city into the not-that-tender embrace of all sorts of vices – drugs, bootlegging, prostitution, you name it. A regular, “normal” job was hard to come by, and such jobs didn’t pay much. Unemployment was rampant. Those were the days when many so-called marriage agencies established their roots there, even before the advent of online dating. Quite often such agencies were involved in providing prostitutes to the West rather than in the honest match-making process.

Lugansk legacy in online dating scams

This ominous past laid a vicious stigma on the city. When Internet dating developed, scammers and spammers of Ukraine found their new home. Many of such indecent sites still operate even today, but it is rather easy to distinguish them from normal and reputable ones. All such nefarious sites are full of stunning ladies, in fact, you will not find a single average-looking woman there. Also, quite many of them charge for video communication on the minutes-spent basis, they may charge for so-called “letter translation services” as well. Some organize fake tours for foreigners who meet women pretending to be looking for husbands for a fee from their agency. Steer clear of all such schemes, if it looks too good to be true, in all probability it is. Many scammers and spammers from Lugansk also try to register profiles on respected and well-known match-making sites, such as R4B here, in order to scam their users. As we emphasized it before, don’t send cash to any ladies you have not had the honor of meeting in person. Exercise caution even after you meet the lady whom you liked on the site, trust your gut instincts and don’t spend too much on her the first day you see each other. Yes, and be extra-cautious with the ladies who have Lugansk as their home city in the profiles – they can be real and honest women, but, for all intents and purposes, you do run a higher risk of getting into all sorts of funny games with some of them.