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Belarusian brides are not always clamorous for the wedlock, some of them may be lukewarm to the idea, not jumping at the prospective of spending the rest of her life in a Western country she hasn’t even visited yet.

a gorgeous Belarus womanSuch a Belarusian woman may even be telling you that she is in love with you, that she is very enthusiastic about your joint future. But you still feel that she is lukewarm, wishy-washy and totally undecided about living with you.

Does it sound like your case? When you intended to date Belarus brides, you probably were hoping for a bumps-free ride and now there are some complications? Don’t worry too much, this ambivalence is rather typical for the Slavic ladies who are dating online. After all, she will have to live in a foreign country, most likely leaving all her relatives behind in Belarus. Of course, if this limbo persists you should have a friendly chit-chat regarding this matter.

The biggest problem here is time. If this emotional wavering is consistently displayed by your Belarusian bride for many years in a row, you should start worrying. In this case she might still be waiting for a better suitor to materialize in her life or may have some personal problems. This feeling of ambivalence is very detrimental to the future joint life in marriage if it lasts for a long period of time.
If you find yourself face to face with such a determined fence-sitter, if your Belarusian woman doesn’t seem to be ready and willing to jump into the waters of married life, the following tips may be right for you:

You need to set a timer for this romance simmering, who knows, it may never reach the boiling point you so ardently aspire to. Quite many couples still go tits up (no pun intended) just because this boiling never kicks in and the embers of a hopeless relationship smolder indefinitely.

There is no need to take this situation personally. Your partner might be full of fears, undecided or dealing with childhood traumas. You may have nothing to do with the awful fence-sitting ambivalence in your current relationship. Don’t blame yourself and resist the desire to feel personally responsible for these depressing developments.

Don’t push your agenda. Your Belarusian bride will never appreciate your accusations of being indecisive or even apathetic. On the contrary, be patient, don’t impose your desire for a more committed relationship on her. There is the so-called push-and-pull rule that is applicable to dating and being in a relationship in general. The more you push for a certain decision, the higher will be your chances for a rejection. However, don’t allow her to manipulate your healthy intentions and your good will.Belarus bride waiting for her future spouse

Don’t be demanding, but practice a straightforward approach. There is nothing off-putting in asking “Where do you think we are heading in our relationship?” or “Please enlighten me regarding your plans as to our future together”. It is of paramount importance to keep these discussions going, don’t get overly zealous on it though and don’t terrorize your loved one with such questions and comments every single day, unless you want to see your Belarusian bride stampede towards the door.


Can you control a Belarus woman?

The answer is no, dating in Belarus doesn’t differ from any other dating venues. You cannot exert control over how your Belarusian bride feels or acts, but you can certainly moderate and control your own response and your own actions that you take in an attempt to try to steer your relationship in the right direction.

Ultimately everything will depend on how she feels about your future together, if she is a fence-sitter you will need to ask yourself why and, at an opportune moment, you also need to approach her with this inquiry. It doesn’t necessarily need to be shaped in an overt form, but some suggestive, probing questions will surely do a lot of good. Don’t be overbearing and possessive though, know your personal limits and don’t violate the private space of your Belarusian bride.