What faux pas to avoid while dating Russian girls

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Many foreigners who embark on the demanding path of Russian dating for the first time make one and the same ugly mistake.

colourful and content ladyThey begin showing off what they possess. They send to their potential brides the photographs depicting their fancy cars and spacious houses, quite forgetting that the woman who sees this may also feel like a rare and precious item on sale. No one likes to feel being a shop merchandise. Irina Lastova, one of our female clients, has recently written to us: “This man, John S., he has sent me photographs of his new computer and the last Apple smartphone. I felt like crying after this terrible humiliation!”

Indeed, bear this in mind – many Slavic women aren’t rich, but they don’t live in wooden barracks either and have access to all the modern appliances our technical world can offer. Remember – you met this stunning Russian girl on an online dating site! Hello! It means that she has a computer, how about that, mister?! Jokes aside, avoid this mistake of showing off your possessions at all costs. You may want to attract the girl to yourself by demonstrating how successful you are, but you may achieve quite the opposite effect with such a boastful attitude.

When communicating with your Russian bride, be it on a dating site, on the phone or IRL, you will sooner or later face some linguistic issues. There are some Slavic ladies who know English on the level of utter proficiency, but you need to be ready to meet a girl who most likely will know only some English, sometimes on the pigeon level. In this case, take the initiative into your own firm hands. Don’t use complicated phrases, make yourself understood. Don’t speak too fast – it is often hard for an inexperienced foreigner to grasp all the undertones of the sophisticated English language. However, don’t use overly simple phrases either, if her level allows for that.

It is quite a challenge for many foreigners, but it is worth mentioning nevertheless. Learn some Russian. Even if her English is almost perfect. This way you will finish off two hairs with one stone – first of all, you can use some Russian when you travel to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova and, secondly, it will always work like magic on your delicious bride. It will mean to her that you are going to a great length to understand her, that you respect her culture and really look forward to a joint future.

Other mistakes to avoid while courting Russian womennubile Russian girl

It is ok to send a standard letter to several ladies, even when responding, though be careful with this – at least make sure you got her name right throughout the whole letter. Otherwise it may bring forth a lot of unnecessary confusion and even downright rejection. You surely don’t want to be called Michael if your name is John and vice versa. Some women may forgive such a demeaning blunder, but most, like 3 out of 4 ladies will turn their precious attention elsewhere.

Even if you feel obliged to do it, don’t write nasty things about your possible competitors. You may even be justified in some of your opinions regarding them, but most women will simply miss your point and will reject you with utter disgust. We all know that this cruel world is driven by ruthless competition. Online dating is no exception – it is an arena where men cross their looks and keyboards to fight over the hearts of attractive women. So, brace yourself for a fair fight, not for derogatory mud-slinging, which will not be appreciated anyway.

If you have some typical tender and endearing letters you found on Internet, for example, you can throw them in for a good measure. Do be careful with such letters though – some ladies may be more experienced online daters than you really realize and will recognize such a letter at the first glance. It truly goes without saying that in such a case your chances for a successful courtship will suffer a major blow. Always try to put yourself into her shoes when corresponding and talking to her. This way you will manage to bring your communication to a wholly new level and will avoid the ridicule of looking like a weird snob or a totally egocentric personality.

When the push comes to shove, trust your inner feelings about each particular lady. Always be on alert for possible surprises – Slavic women are largely unpredictable and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve, not all of them are magical ones, if you know what we mean here.