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Dating in Moldova provides ample opportunities, and many Western men are excited about visiting this great country to meet a lot of truly stunning and sociable ladies looking for a husband abroad. Here are a few tips regarding the dating in Moldova and how you can improve your chances for a successful bonding with Moldovan women.

Moldovan dating candidateFirst of all, try to be a realist regarding the age of your potential Moldovan bride. If the age gap is ridiculously high, you will just end up wasting a lot of your own time and money. 15-17 years difference is as far as your should aim. It doesn’t mean your wife may not be 25 years younger than you, but your family life may not be happy since your goals in life will simply be rather different.

You also have to be aware that many young Moldovan women have at least one child. Not a lot of Moldovan men withstand the burdens of family life, many give it up and the ladies remain on their own with a child on their hands. The selection of single women for dating in Moldova is huge. Your Moldovan dating experience will be much greater and more fulfilling if you are ready to become a caring foster parent for at least one child.

It is also a habit with Moldovan ladies to reveal this little secret of theirs much later during your courting, when you meet personally and she is sure about your feelings. Don’t be mad about it, just be prepared for such a “little” surprise from your potential bride. It would be a wise strategy to ask this question at a certain stage during your correspondence. It will also be a short test of her honesty potential. If she lies to you about this and you find out about this later from her, we would suggest you don’t lay too much trust on this particular woman.

If you meet a Moldovan lady interested in dating you who is over 30 or in her late 20ies without any kids, you may wonder why it is so. Very often such ladies are either unbearable to be with or have other deficiencies you may at first be unaware of. Proceed with caution regarding these types of

Bear in mind that your Moldovan bride, most likely, will not be corresponding only with you, but with other men as well. It means that you will need to take the initiative and to press the matter forward at the earliest opportunity. Don’t be overly pushy though and don’t ask her for her phone number or any other private information in your second letter. And, by the way, the same rules apply to dating beautiful Russian brides who share the same core mentality.

What else you need to know when dating Moldovan brides

One of the ways you can check a person’s identity is through the use of Google’s Search by Image function. It is really simple to use and can be rather handy. If the Moldovan lady is using a false profile picture, you will know about it right away. You don’t need to be versed in computers to use this Google feature.

The best way to be successful in Moldovan dating is to go to this country and to meet the lady of her choice on her native soil. You will be able to enjoy the local hospitality and the tasty Moldovan cuisine. Another advantage of such an approach is you will be able to meet the family of your Moldovan bride and to make serious arrangement regarding your joint future life.

If you don’t feel like using specialized niche dating sites like, you can always check out free social networks like, but be aware that most of the Moldovan ladies there are just for chatting with their friends, just like on Facebook, so your chances of picking a date there will be rather slim.