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Let’s continue investigating what is required for a successful dating of Russian women online on a dating site. When you write your first letter to a lady, don’t make it too long, but it should not be short either.

Russian lady on the staircaseIt would be a shrewd move to indicate to the lady in your first few letters that you understand the whole nature and the process behind your communication. Try to get to the phone/skype communication stage as soon as possible, but don’t go overboard being pushy.

Some romance-minded men make a typical mistake when communicating online with Russian brides – they truly develop a serious crush for the lady of their choice within 4-5 received letters. That is simply ridiculous. Most women will expect from you a rather adult and responsible attitude to your communication with them.

As to choosing the best dating site, should it be paid or free one, we will cover this topic in other articles, but rest assured there aren’t too many premium quality Russian dating niche sites out there, to say the least. The best way to proceed is to make a profile on several such sites and to choose the one that seems to conform to your needs to the fullest. Stay away from the Russian dating sites containing only studio-made photos of stunning girls – 99% of such sites are fake ones and are only after your money. In general, avoid all dating sites offering paid video communication. There are some excellent sites among the ones that are subscription based, but before you pay, make sure first you really like the site design and its usability. Sometimes checking PR (Page Rank) in Google may help you determine how trustworthy and developed a site is, though it is a rather indirect indicator – quite often Google doesn’t rank dating sites high, and sometimes excellent sites with thousands of visitors online may have a modest PR1 or even zero. serious-looking Russian girlUsually there are more Russian women online on special niche sites devoted to Russian dating than on general sites covering global dating. It goes without saying that the level of service on niche sites is significantly higher when you can call them and ask your questions directly.

Are dating agencies effective?

Dating agencies in brick and mortar buildings seem to be the relics of the pre-Internet past of the previous century. Some such agencies still exist though and even have their own web-sites. However, their databases are often obsolete because not many Russian women address them for assistance. Young Russian ladies are all computer literate these days and prefer to search for their future husbands online on their own, since today’s Internet offers everyone interested a truly wide array of choices when it comes to Internet dating. They find our site using various search engines, primarily Yandex, which is very popular in Russia, but also Google, which is gaining popularity and has become the second search engine most widely used in Russia and in Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian brides also find us through various promotion programs we are involved in, including the traditional newspaper advertisement in many Russian cities and towns. We don’t cooperate with any brick&mortar dating agencies because their databases of brides are usually not updated regularly, in some instances containing the brides who already got married and live abroad.