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When you have already found the Russian dating site that seems to be right for you, you better stick to certain unwritten rules that will make your online dating a safe and a secure experience. We hope that some dating advice down below will help you in this respect.

Safely dated Russian womanUpload only your own recent pictures. Creating a positive first impression is of a paramount importance when dating online. It is especially true for the Russian dating, because women would like to see your best pictures. The picture in your profile may have a decisive impact on the whole process. We are not saying that they necessarily should be of studio quality, but it will not hurt if they are. Like the Russian saying goes, you cannot spoil the porridge with butter. These pictures should portray your individuality and emphasize your openness and even tenderness. There is nothing wrong if you are a party animal. But save those pics for a later time…

Positivity is one of the greatest ingredients for a successful date. Russian women don’t like gloomy characters. Even if you are a complete pessimist, try to hide this trait of yours. Make sure you sound like your glass is half-full rather than half-empty, if you know what we mean here.

What to emphasize

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When corresponding with ladies, put an emphasis on what you really like. Don’t mention your negative opinions even if they are well-founded. Avoid clichés and hackneyed phrases, better say or write something awkward but original and coming from your heart.

Of course it is fine to invite a lady out for a classic dinner for the first date. However, there is a myriad of other first date options. Try to be creative and full of imagination. It can as well be wine tasting, a pottery class, a ride on a horse, etc. If you are not that sure about a lady, invite her for a walk in the park first. Also, you can set up the first date on the basis of what she placed as preferences in her profile.

Be aware that it takes time to find a great soul mate. Don’t get disheartened even if the first attempts are lame and unsuccessful. Be persistent in searching for your family happiness with a Russian woman and eventually you will embrace it.